11 city bars face closure over noise pollution

Mango Groove Bar & Lounge is one of the bars warned over noise pollution

Mango Groove Bar & Lounge is one of the bars warned over noise pollution

KAMPALA  Authorities in Kampala have issued a last warning to 11 bars for excessive breaches on public health regulations including emitting noise beyond permissible levels.

The bars most of them are in Bugolobi, Nakawa Division include Mango Groove Bar & Lounge, Banana Bar & Lounge, Karibu Bar & Lounge, Arena Bar & Lounge, and Whispers Bar & Lounge.

The others are Caliente Bar & Lounge, and Casa de Roy Bar and Lounge, Yard Bar & Lounge, Piccolo Bar & Lounge, Gabz Bar & Lounge and Shisha Nyama Bar & Restaurant.

The latest likely crackdown on noise polluters follows repeated complaints by residents of Bugolobi and Kololo.

“I write to inform you that I have registered several complaints (both verbal and written) about excessively loud noise generated by your bar on several nights a week. This noise has allegedly denied the residents in your neighbourhood their right to peace and quiet,” Mr Francis Emojong, the councillor for Bugolobi Parish wrote in a letter dated March 10, 2022 to the bar owners nd managers.

He added: “I am also aware that despite several verbal warnings over time, (from residents, local leaders and police/law enforcement) your bar has continued to generate noise above the permitted levels with impunity and total disregard for the rights of the residents in your neighbourhood”.

Mr. Emojong said the law against noise pollution is clearly stipulated in the National Environment (noise standards and control) Regulations 2003. (Under sections 28 and 107 of the National Environment Act cap 153).

In latter also copied to KCCA executive director, Dr Dorothy Kisaka; the NEMA Executive Director, the Nakawa Division Town Clerk, the area police commander and area chairpersons, Mr. Emojong also warned that should the noise pollution continue, the bars will be closed and their licences revoked.

Following the reopening of places of entertainment such as bars and clubs after the lifting of the Covid-19 lockdown, revellers have flooded these areas which have been pulling crowds.

However, some of the places that operate in the wee hours of the night have been blasting music and making noise polluting the environment.

But. Dr Kisaka in February urged Bar and Pub owners to find ways they can manage sound from their entertainment centres to deter noise pollution.

KCCA environmental officer Henry Lutaaya in February also revealed that they had been receiving complaints from the areas Kololo, Bugolobi and some parts Makindye for excessive noise pollution.

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