13,000 to sit health exams across the country

Uganda Allied Health Examinations Board (UAHEB), Joseph Agondua (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA – A total of 13,000 candidates are sitting for allied health examinations and have been warned against examination malpractices.

The executive secretary of Uganda Allied Health Examinations Board (UAHEB), Joseph Agondua, said stringent action would be taken against those found involved in examinations malpractices including legal means.

He also warned tutors against involving themselves in examination malpractices.

“Time and again, the Board has identified cases of examination malpractices by either tutors or candidates. Smuggling in unauthorized written materials by candidates, non-compliance to the UAHEB examination rules and regulations by some participants and unrealistic awarding of marks by examiners are among the practices noted and reported during and after the examination process,” Agondua said.

He said over 1,000 police officers have been deployed to deliver examinations materials and monitor the examinations across the country that would last a week.

He appealed to the principals, coordinators and invigilators to ensure that the acts of examination malpractice don’t arise at the examinations centers.

“My appeal is that you exhibit a high degree of alertness while executing your duties. I urge all of you to consult as much as possible before major decisions are taken,” he stated.

Agondua made remarks during the briefing of coordinators and invigilators on examinations at the board’s headquarters in Kyambogo, in Kampala.

He said the 13,000 candidates are sitting for examinations in 187 examination centres across the country today.

The students would be examined in 28 programmes among them clinical, laboratory technicians, physiotherapy, entomology, orthopaedic medicine, pharmacy, records and informatics, environmental health sciences, theatre technology, psychiatry, ear nose and throat (ENT), anaesthesia, audiology and health leadership management and others.

The executive secretary implored the coordinators to produce exhaustive reports that will depict the true picture of the situations and incidences at the examination centres.

The board chairperson, Steven Aisu also echoed the executive secretary remarks warning tutors and candidates against malpractices saying the board would not hesitate to take legal redress to punish the culprits.

“You must guard against any temptations of being compromised. Take note that the board will take legal redress on those found involved in examinations malpractices,” Aisu said.

He called upon the principals and invigilators to take photographic evidence and record statements from witnesses in incidences of examination malpractices.

“We expect a very objective comprehensive and timely report from you especially in the case of examination malpractice. Your report should be very clear, precise and with full evidence such as photographing and recording,” Aisu said.  

Aisu appealed to the principals to ensure that examinations are conducted in a conducive environment and protect the image of the institution.

“I expect you to be objective and vigilant in all activities that you will undertake. Remember the image of the board depends a lot on how well you perform the tasks assigned to you,” he said.  

He commended the government for supporting the board by providing funds for the completion of the building and procurement of vehicles as well as purchase of a heavy-duty printer  

Hajat Safina Musene, the commissioner Business, Technical, Vocational Education and Training (BTVET) also reiterated against examination malpractices urging candidates not to smuggle in unauthorised materials into the examinations room or else they would be penalised.

She appealed to the public especially O’ level leavers who want to do either nursing or midwives courses to turn up for interviews in different 11 centres across the country starting today.

She said to do nurses and midwives course, one must have passed Biology, Physics, English, Mathematics and Chemistry.

By Francis Emerot

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