Unleashing Uganda’s tourist potential to local people

Uganda’s tourism largely rides on her natural endowments which give an edge over many of the popular tourist destinations in Africa.

Uganda has an abundance of diverse tourist attractions ranging from abundant and diverse wildlife, culture to landscapes and water bodies.

A graphic picture showing top Uganda’s tourist attractions.

Location of some of the popular tourist destinations in Uganda


Uganda is also home to the source of River Nile, the longest river in the world, Lake Victoria, the largest freshwater lake in Africa and Mt Rwenzori, the legendary mountains of the moon, the only mountain in the world with a snow cap on the equator.

The country has 10 national parks, 12 wildlife reserves, 10 wildlife sanctuaries, 5 community wildlife management areas and 506 central forest reserves each with unique endowments: For example, Murchison Falls National Park is home to the lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes, giraffes and lots of other species, and the spectacular waterfalls while Queen Elizabeth National Park boasts of big fie, the spectacular Kazinga Channel and climbing lions.

Uganda’s rich culture is also something to explore, from the captivating dances to exquisite cuisines in the different parts of the country, as well as the friendly and hospitable people.

A Prezi presentation of popular tourist attractions in Uganda

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Uganda stands out in Africa because the country has more than 50% of the world’s remaining population of mountain gorillas among other species

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Despite the increasing number of foreign tourists, the number of local tourists has either remained constant or dropping according to Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) statics and here is why local people distance themselves from enga

ng in local tourism activities.

Here is why Local people have distanced themselves from tourism activities


What experts say


However the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities have trashed allegations that tourism is expensive for the local people saying the money is still not enough. Ms. Patricia Agasha the Public Relations officer for the ministry says people are simply “ignorant” about the sector.

Are Ugandans ignorant about tourist attractions?


According to Ms. Agasha, the government has taken the initiative to promote tourism among local people.

What has been done to promote tourism to the local population?



Why should local people visit these tourist destinations?

“It is quite hard to figure out unless you personally organize a visit to some of these beautiful destinations,” says Justine Ahumuza, a tour guide at Kavumba recreation center.  


Uganda Museum in Pictures

Kavumba Recreation Center in Pictures

Tourists at Uganda Martyrs Namugongo Shrine.

Challenges private tourist destinations face

Acquiring a working license from Uganda Wildlife Authority

Information Pack according to Uganda world authority


CATEGORY Status Amount USH
Adults 15,000
A Children 5,000
  • Kidepo Valley
  • Queen Elizabeth Bwindi Impenetrable
  • Mgahinga Gorilla Kibale
  • Lake Mburo
Ugandan School Children (Groups)   2500
B Adults 10,000
  • Mt. Rwenzori
  • Semuliki
  • Mt. Elgon
  • Toro Semuliki
Children 2,500
Ugandan School Children (Groups)   1,500
All other Reserves Including:- Ajai, Bokora, Bugungu, East Madi, Kabwoya, Karuma, Katonga, Kigezi, Kyambura, Matheniko, Pian Upe Adults 2,500
                                                   Annual park entrance passes
Individual 150,000
Couple 200,000
Family (Maximum 4 Children) 300,000
Annual Corporate pass 2,500,000
Tour Operator 125,000
Guided nature walk & Birdwatching
Birding   10,000
Day Nature Walk 10,000
Night Nature Walk 15,000
Gorge Walk, Mgahinga 15,000
Top of Falls walk, 10,000
Students Guided Walk (per 6 people) 10,000
Gorilla Tracking Bwindi and Mgahinga 10000
Gorilla Permit 250,000
Promotion April, May and November 150,000
Mgahinga volcano Climbing   30,000
Mt. Elgon Hiking 75,000
Guesthouses Type  
Single 30,000
Double 55,000
Bandas Type USH
  KVNP Booking N Self-Contained    Single 60,000
Double 70,000
Non-Self contained Single 40000
Double 50000
QENP (Ishasha LMNP (Rwonyo) MENP (Kapkwata/Suam) Single 35,000
Double 40000
SNP Bumaga Visitor Camp Single 52000
Double 82,000
SNP Ntoroko Visitor Camp Single 60,000
Double 40,000
SNP Ntoroko Visitor Camp Self-Contained Twin 60000
Non-Self contained Twin 40000
Self-Catering Bungalows Type Amount
QENP Booking No Jumbo 8 bed 300,000
Pelican 6 bed 250,000
Cormorant 6 bed 250,000
Rooms Type Amount
QENP (Lower Camp) Bed 20,000
LMNP student Center Bed 20,000
KNP Sebitoli Visitor Camp Single 32,000
Double 42,000
Twin 42,000
Tents Type Amount
   LMNP Single 30,000
Double 40,000
Category C – Public: with pit latrine/ firewood/rubbish pit/water/fireplace/ thatched shelter   15,000 Min 45,000
Education Centers in QENP MFNP, LMNP and MENP Adults Students
20,000 3,500


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