200 Ugandan youth selected to join Tilenga Academy training program

TotalEnergies EP Uganda Unveils 200 Ugandans to Join the TILENGA Academy

TotalEnergies EP Uganda Unveils 200 Ugandans to Join the TILENGA Academy

KAMPALA —TotalEnergies EP Uganda has unveiled 200 Ugandan youth who have been selected from the Tilenga MOOC to join the Tilenga Academy training program aimed at empowering youth with skills and international certifications to work on the Tilenga project during the production phase.

The selected candidates will receive training for 2.5 years at various locations starting with the Uganda Petroleum Institute in Kigumba (UPIK) followed by international Oil and Gas training centres and hands-on experience during Tilenga project installation and commissioning.

The courses to be undertaken include Theoretical training in Oil and Gas, Production, Maintenance, as well as Health, Safety and Environment. 31% of the trainees will specialise in Production, 27% in Mechanical Maintenance, 26% in Instrumentation Maintenance, and 16% in Electrical Maintenance.

“National content development is at the heart of our operations and underpins our commitment to achieving shared prosperity for Uganda and Ugandans because of this great project. When we launched the Tilenga MOOC in 2021, our objective was clear, to ensure that we maximise awareness and participation of Ugandans in the oil and gas sector,” said Philippe GROUEIX, General Manager, TotalEnergies EP Uganda. “I am particularly proud to highlight the diversity of the selected trainees,” he added.

The first cohort comprising 100 trainees to Tilenga Academy is expected to be mobilized on site in the first quarter of 2025, while the second cohort will be mobilized in the second half of 2025. The successful trainees will have the opportunity to work at site on the Tilenga project

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