Kadaga seeks Bobi Wine endorsement for speakership

Mr. Wine and Speaker Rebecca Kadaga (PHOTO/Courtesy).

The incumbent Speaker of the tenth Parliament, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has rang Hon Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine seeking support from his National Unity Platform MPs to win the Speakership for the 3rd term.

The race for the Speakership of the 11th Parliament is already on with the competition being between Hon Kadaga and her current Deputy Jacob Oulanyah .

The two have already started making alliances with members of the opposition to see that they can have the numerical strength when the voting time comes.

This website has learnt Ms. Kadaga has already contacted Mr. Wine so that he can ask NUP MPS to vote for her.

The conversation that lasted close to two hours rotated around issues of the Speakership and how interests of the opposition can be pushed through Parliament.

However sources could not verify whether Mr. Wine gave her the assurance of support from the NUP members but reciting back in the 2021 elections when Kyagulanyi openly campaigned for Kadaga in Kamuli District, it gives a clear picture that he could instruct the NUP MPs to vote in her favour.

NUP, a social-liberal and progressive political party in Uganda led by Mr. Wine emerged as the most dominant opposition party having won 61 parliamentary seats.

Kadaga is yet again in the race to save her seat just as it happened in 2016 only the matters to be sorted out in state house after Museveni asked Oulanya to step aside for her.

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