ADAM BUYINZA LUZINDANA: Museveni may never get Busoga

President Museveni and Adam Buyinza Luzindana (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Most politicians from Busoga are in total pain and regretting ever fighting Hon Kadaga..They were used to fight there own Rt Hon Rebecca Kadaga.Busoga lost the position of Speaker and Secretary General of the ruling Party.Basoga were used against each other..

They fought Kadaga who was the symbol of Busoga and they have been rewarded with almost no position with influence.Apart from Hon Milly Babalanda who has been deployed as minister for Presidency, no one else from Busoga has been deployed in a sensitive docket with a budget..all other ministers from Busoga Region, none has a Budget and all of them will be taking instructions from other people..

Let us avoid unnecessary wars, Let us unite our people.Let us serve humanity, Let us be humble.

Busoga Region lost the influential position of speaker and the highest position Busoga has now is 1st Deputy Prime Minister/Minister for East Africa Community Affairs which has no Budget at all.

In nutshell I recognize that Hon Milly Babalanda is the most suitable for that position basing on her achievements as the head of of the office of the NRM National Chairman at Kyambogo where she deligently served her country and president Museveni working closely with another trusted cadre Faluk Kirunda,Habibu Sseruwagi and Kamba Saleh. Milly is humble and not corrupt.

Milly is committed and she is a good listener but she may not be a solution in Busoga subregion which is now fully going to National Unity Platform.


The writer, Adam Buyinza Luzindana is the current Executive Secretary of Council for Sustainable Peace and Development based in New Delhi Republic of India committed to promotion of sustainable peace and Development in the World.

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