Open letter to President Museveni

Uganda’s oldest and longest serving President, Yoweri Museveni (PHOTO/File).

With great humility and a humble heart allow us send u our warm greetings and in a special way thank u for being a great and unshakable pillar in the governance of our motherland, the pearl of Africa….

Your Excellency, the most remote, inaccessible destination of the pearl of Africa know the mighty NRM, they didn’t have to go to school to know NRM, the influence of the great leadership of the party reached the villages and although it’s not rocket science, they superimposed the NRM IDEOLOGY to every corner of our nation that one can literally fight and frawn any locality without its representation…

The above has been depicted from the great sacrifice and dedication by the great men and women in our party who laid a foundation upon which this great leadership has been anchored with the spirit of selflessness and the passion of a Uganda that looks beyond the color of skin, dialect, academic trumps, gender to mention but afew….

Your Excellency Sir, upon that background, the former CEC aspirants that lost in the elections of the top most organ of the mighty NRM with great humility conceded amidst despicable irregularities holding strong on the great wisdom imparted to us of PATRIOTISM, a core value for the true existence of this mass party….

Your Excellency, we speak this with a heavy heart noting the previous and current inconsideration of us the forma CEC aspirants not only to get involved in party Activities but the continued rejection of this team at all levels, a case in point the absolute blockage to access the party chair and the fountain of honor You Your Excellency amidst regular post election dialogue meetings our father You have had with all party cadres who availed themselves for NRM elective positions to the level of district councilors in the spirit of party cohesion which us the former CEC aspirants have never been party to….

In academia and research its stated and I quote ” We ride on the shoulders of giants”
Nothing we as forma CEC aspirants will ever do that will be new in our party, no, but with the confidence that our mentors and the party pillars with the great work they have done, we do come on board to add a leaf on the massive branches established by our mentors to strengthen this great tree called the NRM party…

Our efforts however small they may seem, they did add a mileage towards our party progress and the establishment with affirmation of the NRM in the hearts of Ugandans especially the upcountry areas of this great nation…

Rejection is the greatest form of inhumanity an individual can ever encounter, as painful as it may sound, its exactly what the team of us the forma CEC aspirants recieved from our party and our party pillars….

We have always asked ourselves the question, ” was it a crime for us to show up as candidates for the positions we availed ourselves for?” ” Did we hurt anyone in anyway by presenting ourselves for the party mantle at the level of CEC having blindly not noticed that these were Gazetted areas for a chosen few?”

In regard to the above, as former CEC aspirants we do apologize to our party mentors whom we could have hurt in one way or another that tanamounted to a total blockade in accessing the party chair who happens to be the president of this great nation…

It’s therefore our prayer being children of God that this kind of mistreatment and rejection ends on us and does not see the light of day in other party cadres BSE it doesn’t depict what our father the president, Gen. Yowere kaguta Museveni communicated to our ears of remaining PATRIOTIC AT ALL TIME and I quote…..

NRM is big for for all of us to fit in being a mass party that we are and involve much more others to join but it feels like we are held at the gate and we must remain at the gate…

In this same spirit Your Excellency, we the former CEC aspirants do request with a humble heart and a broken spirit an audience from You Sir Your Excellency amidst Your very tedious and heavy schedule…

Long live our party chairman, long live the NRM Secretariat
Long live top leaders of the NRM
Long live the mighty NRM..

For God and my country…
Former CEC aspirants NRM

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