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42 DAYS IN LOVE: 20 Ways you can maintain your love in lockdown

Statistics show that lockdown has severely affected relationships.

Lawyers and police departments in charge of family affairs have expressed worry in increase of domestic violence cases, separation and divorce petitions in marriages.

However, lockdown has been significant for some people to deepen their love and affection for one another. Below I outline ways you maintain your relationship:

1. Be detail oriented. Show your partner that care much about their personal fear and worries. Dig deep to establish the cause and give a solution where you can.

2. Have time and be a chef your partner especially the men. This brings out the picture of a relationship

3. Do novel activities together. Book stories tell various life experiences to include love etc. by reading together you are doing literature review on your love relationship and together you can find ways to perfect your union.

4. Demonstrate love. Love is felt in demonstration not in theory or words there must be a movement to act.

5. Create new experiences. Like scholars say, those that are not ready of change will be changed by change. Partners must be dynamic; they must be creative on making each other happy and making the best of their love life.

6. Express your feelings. Express them your way

7. A relationship must plan a fun activity every week. Not all the time is to be serious.

8. Be a friend to other couples for those that are married. Those that are not married but dating, be a friend to other people that are dating. Pay attention, this should not influence you to resent your partner but the friendship should be for purposes of learning.

9. Get time and tell your partner what you love about him/her. This makes them feel important. This is a common human trait that everyone wants to feel important.

10. Engage your partner in story telling competition and riddles. This is something rarely done in this generation this makes it unique.

11. Visit the village. Spend time with your loved one in the village and experience a new life style.

12. Be one. Show your partner that you’re one. That you’re indeed a family for instance disclose your assets and liabilities to the partner. Freely disclose to them your financial status.

13. Be honest to one another. Honesty is the most important thing in human relations, discovery of any dishonesty can break the relationship.

14. Together with your partner get involved in charity. Give something to the needy as a family. Where possible donate something to charity in the name of your partner this makes them feel loved and human.

15. Do something beyond singing and eating at family functions such as birthday parties. For example, plant a tree to help in the curtailing the ongoing climate change. This is called personalization of love. In this you do something that you feel helps both of you, other people and the next generation. You create change in society and build legacy. A memory premised on this can’t easily fade.

16. For those that have been in a relationship for long, write an autobiography about your relationship. With this you not only document memories you had together but also pass knowledge to other candidates of love.

17. Draw portraits for one another. A portrait drawn by a partner is not only beautiful but also holds great history and memories.

18. Watch a movie together. This helps you to both focus and bond as partners.

19. Help your partner appreciate that the times have changed help them learn to adjust to the bad conditions brought by the lockdown situation. Have along term plan as partners.

20. Play games together as a family. For example, you can play cards. Your can also team up as a couple and versus other people in the games.

Kamurinde John is a lawyer, a counselor and the author of “THE SLAVERY IN MODERN EDUCATION”.

I write autobiography books. For any need contact me through the availed channels of communication hereunder.
Tel +256 708157586.

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