All set for Pastor Bugingo wedding

Mr. Aloysius Bugingo and his girlfriend Suzan Makula (PHOTO/Courtesy).

Mr. Aloysius Bugingo and his girlfriend Suzan Makula (PHOTO/Courtesy).

KAMPALA – House of Prayer Ministries International lead pastor Aloysius Bugingo has said he has already identified all those that will give speeches on his wedding ceremony with new wife, Suzan Makula Nantaba.

The Makerere-Kikoni based pastor is set to wed Ms Susan Nantaba Makula his second wife into a marital home and has thereby revealed how the historical occasion of his lifetime is looming calling upon revelers not to be bothered about it.

During a church sermon over the weekend, Pastor Bugingo opened up about his expectations in regards to his upcoming wedding with new wife, Suzan Makula.

“I already identified all those that will give speeches on my wedding ceremony with Suzan Makula though they aren’t aware per now. But in just a few months to the historical ceremony, I will tell them so that they get informed when its 6months to the wedding ceremony,” he said.

Bugingo shared that people do not need to come and ask him for permission to give a speech on his wedding ceremony as he has already screened all those that will give him gifts in addition to giving speeches.

“So those that have been asking when I will walk Suzan down the aisle should have to wait,”the man of God said.

The Salt Media proprietor after a bitter split with his official wife and fellow Pastor, Teddy Naluswa against her will, Bugingo decided to move on with a new mistress, Suzan Makula Nantaba and has since then been having a relationship without making it legal with a blessing of the Holy Matrimony.

Close to two years ago, while conducting a service at his church, Bugingo revealed to his flock that his wife had plans to claim ownership on church land, something that caused their separation.

“My wife was telling me that I should put her among owners of land of the church” he said. He added that he denied this as the land belongs to the church.

However, the wife Teddy Bugingo replied saying that her husband has always tried to push for divorce, a thing that she has declined overtime.

Teddy said Bugingo was trying to push her and her kids away to create space for a new wife. She however insisted that after making a vow on their wedding, there is no way she could ever sign divorce papers.

Bugingo and Teddy were married for almost 29 years but the couple had a bitter split after Suzan Makula Nantaba, also an employee at Salt Media, came in picture.

Despite rumors that Buginjo was cheating on Naluswa with Nantaba since 2016, Buginjo justified his broken relationship, claiming that for all the 29 years he was married to Naluswa, they only had only been intimate not more than 100 times.

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