Besigye calls for education system grand reset after Covid-19 disruptions


Dr. Kizza Besigye was education system overhauled over Covid-19 disruptions (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA — Political leader Dr Kizza Besigye has called for a total grand reset of the education sector in the country.

Dr Besigye in a missive on Sunday morning as the debate for reopening of Uganda’s schools rages on, it’s important to reflect on the dire need for grand reset of the whole education sector.

“The crisis caused by the COVID19 pandemic offers us the opportunity to do so,” he wrote, noting that:” It cannot be business as usual”.

“When 70% of UPE school children still drop out before sitting their PLE exams; the figures for USE aren’t available but recorded to be quite high too. Those who graduate from PLE and USE remain, largely, poorly impacted by their years in school due to very poor standards of learning, among other reasons,” he added.

Besigye says COVID-19 pandemic has sharply intensified the crisis in education and that most parents will be much less able to support their children’s education in the near future.

“It’ll take a special effort to get back the very poorly paid teachers to concentrate on teaching again. The pupils that have lost 2 years of education will need a special effort to realign them to continuing their education,” he reasoned, noting that private schools, which play a very big role in Uganda’s education sector, have been largely crippled by the long shut down of schools.

” Many may not be able to reopen without special support by government”.

He says the challenges, “plus the content of our children’s education curriculum, must be tackled head on by our country now. Nonetheless, even as we do so, our schools shouldn’t remain closed any longer”.

Besigye says the grand rest needs to critically tackle funding and management of the education sector.

He also says that money to change the sector is available but those in charge get the priorities wrong.

Dr. Besigye has since rallied all parents, teachers and supporting staff, students and all people of good will to join hands and make this a special moment to have a grand rest for the country.

“It’s possible; it’s urgent; it starts with you forming the will to do it”.

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