City landlords ask government open buildings to for tenants as they implement presidential directives

Mr Manisuuli Matovu alias Yanga has asked government to allow landlords to reopen as they work on procuring CCTV camera and other guidelines (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA — City landlords and arcade owners have on Monday August 2, asked government to allow them reopen their buildings as they work on coronavirus containment protocols announced by President Museveni.

The government had maintained lockdown restrictions on arcades because of difficulty to avoid close contact between people in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Addressing the nation from the State House, last week, Mr. Museveni announced that the busy downtown Kikuubo trading hub, had been allowed to open but under strict measures, with baning of kiosks and roadside vending in the area.

Malls and other business Centres were also allowed to operate but under strict conditions including adequate lighting and ventilation.

He said only arcades who meet guidelines will be allowed to reopen.


The Kampala Capital City Authority -KCCA kn weekend issued new guidelines requiring arcades to have a dedicated isolation room for possible COVID-19 suspects, handwashing facilities, cleaners dressed in personal protective gear and adequate detergents to use in cleaning.

Owners and operators were also advised to install CCTV cameras at each entry, exit and level and a body temperature screening for clients and attendants using functional infrared thermometers.

Mr. Manisuuli Matovu speaking to the media recently (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Mr. Manisuuli Matovu, alias Yanga, one of the biggest landlords in Kampala said the reopening is a good step.

He, however, says they should be allowed to reopen as they work on procuring CCTV camera, proper ventilation and lighting systems as per the Presidential directive.

The businessman owns Namaganda Plaza, Zai Plaza, French Plaza, Ivory Plaza and Qualicel Bus Terminal.

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