Commentator Rob Walker who praised Uganda’s beauty at 2020 Olympics thrilled by govt invitation

Sports commentator Rob Walker (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Ugandan Government have extended an invitation to the famous Olympics commentator Rob Walker, who talked about Uganda’s beautiful features during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

State Minister of Sports Hamson Obua told Parliament informed that government through Ministry of Education and Sports and Uganda Tourism Board invited Mr. Walker to Uganda after made Uganda’s celebration for medals more colourful.

Obua said government is offering to cater for his trip to Uganda so that he can be able to explore more in the Pearl of Africa.

With spectators not allowed to attend events at these Games due to pandemic restrictions, millions watched the Olympics remotely on TV and other platforms.

While Cheptegei and his teammates received plaudits for raising Uganda’s flag high on the world stage, many Ugandans feel that one iconic voice, too, deserves equal praise for selling brand Uganda at the Games. A voice so common in athletics commentary. A voice many found themselves falling in love with.

Rob Walker said; “Uganda one of the friendliest, most beautiful countries you can ever wish to visit. I know down in Kampala people are going to be sipping on Nile Special.”

After his commentary, Ugandans flooded his twitter applauding him for the outstanding commentary with many inviting him down to Uganda.

“Thanks to everyone in Uganda who has tweeted me about the commentary here in Tokyo. I’ve been inundated with messages,” Walker tweeted in response.

Commenting on an invitation by Ugandan Government, Rob Walker said: “I am absolutely delighted to accept the kind offer! It will be brilliant to come back to Uganda for the first time since 2017. I’m happy to help with anything to do with sport & education. As soon as it’s safe to travel again, I’m there!”

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