GEORGE MUHIMBISE: Museveni’s speech on torture and empty defense mechanisms was nothing but political masturbation!

Muhimbise George is a member of the Alliance for National Transformation (PHOTO /Courtesy)

By Muhimbise George

Last weekend, President Museveni made a public lamentation regarding the torture of Ugandans in which he blamed security operatives for torturing suspects and delaying to produce them in courts an act that he said was outdated.

For those who watched Museveni on Aljazeera defending the torture of Dr Besigye during walk to work or who saw him praise his SFC men for “beating Kyagulanyi well” during the Arua fracas, will indeed agree with Museveni’s statement on NTV interview when he said that beyond 75 years a leader may not have the zeal to govern well

Indeed, if it was not old age, there is no way Museveni would have forgotten the human rights record of his government, he would certainly not have gathered the courage to address the nation on the same!

That is why it is not surprising that after thirty-five years in power, Museveni has finally convinced himself to lie not only to himself but also to the country that he doesn’t know of how his operatives have been torturing and killing innocent Ugandans.

By pretending not to know, Museveni has applied denial as a defense mechanism to do away with his dirty past, with denial a man caught in someone’s store will deny being a thief or a man caught red handed in another man’s marital bed will deny having an affair with his wife!

By choosing to blame his security officials, Museveni has chosen displacement as a defense mechanism to shift his burden as a commander in chief and put it on his subordinates who act not only in his interest but also on his orders. With this defense mechanism, there will always be some one to blame for one’s mistakes, at least a leader will claim to have signed documents without reading them, he will try to prove that someone else was wrong and not him!

By blaming NUP for promoting violence, Museveni applied projection as a defense mechanism to disown the rotten eggs in his face. With projection as a defense mechanism, a village witch will blame the entire village fellows for bewitching her, a dishonest person will not trust anybody around him, he will project his own personality into other people.

But even with all these denials, its too late for Museveni to clean his record, he has presided over a brutal regime, his hands are socked in blood of hundreds of innocent souls. The curses of the orphans and widows whose loved ones perished so that he can rule, will continue to haunt him to his grave.

The many corruption scandals whose track have ended either in first family or state house, will obviously indight Museveni as a Commander in chief of the corrupt, so even if he washed himself with jick and omo, his record is too dirty to clean!

Did for example Museveni imagine that anybody would fall for his pretense? Does he remember when he acknowledged to having brought commandos from Somalia who tortured innocent people? Does he remember when his soldiers killed former boxer Zebra an act that he acknowledged?

Does he remember when Arinitwe Bwana smashed Dr Besigye’s car at Mulago round? Has Museveni forgotten that Members of Parliament who opposed his life Presidency project were brutally tortured by his own SFC soldiers?

Did he even bother to respond to Hon Kadaga’s letter when she demanded explanation regarding the matter?

Has he punished those that killed innocent Ugandans during the November 2020 demonstrations? Has he punished the killers of Bobi Wine driver Yasin Kawuma and many other NUP activists?

Has he forgotten about over 400 people who were killed at the Rwenzuruuru palace in Kasese and his commander has since got rapid promotions in the army?

Does he have the moral authority to speak about delay of cases when the king of Rwenzururu has been under arrest for five years without trial?

So, by Museveni pretending to defend human rights, he is doing political masturbation, someone doing masturbation pretends to be enjoying sex with someone who is not available, he certainly gets psychological relief out of his delusion and pretense but when in real sense his act has no value and meaning!

Muhimbise George,, 0787836515.

The author is a member of Alliance for National Transformation

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