GEORGE MUHIMBISE: Why the people of Masaka are being killed like cockroaches and the leadership is silent

Machete wielding criminals Thursday night murdered a 47-year-old man as unidentified criminals continued to wreak havoc in Masaka Sub-region (PHOTO /Daily Monitor)

For a month now, 26 people have been murdered in cold blood in greater Masaka, and it has become a norm that every night someone might be murdered.

This reminds me of a certain tribe of people who call themselves “abaana babantu”, loosely translated as ‘’children of the people’’.

A story is told that people kept dying like it is the case in Masaka until one of the so-called children of people died and when they learnt of it they said; “eh katwahwaho” loosely translated that “oh, we are finished”.

Another story is told of a car that knocked a mukiga, and you know bakiga are very energetic people and when this arrogant fella heard of it, he said, “egyi eyita omukyiga neija kwita omuntu” loosely translated that this car that has killed a mukiga will kill a person!

Am sorry for the non bantu language speaking people, but am trying to explain the kind of arrogance that some of the people who run our affairs exhibit.

Imagine after a whole month of average daily murders, the minister; not cabinet but state minister for internal affairs has finally flown to Masaka to find out the cause of killings in the region.

But the same government in two days had sent a full minister with a team of officials to Japan to trace a one Sekitoleko, a sportsman that had gone missing from the Ugandan team in the Olympic games!

Doesn’t that explain the meaning that Museveni attaches to lives of Ugandans?

If you wanted to know that Uganda has enough security personnel and gadgets let Dr Besigye or Bobi Wine announce that they are going to Masaka to hold a meeting with the people, you would see all kinds of military hardware deployed on the entire road from Kampala to Masaka or beyond. At one time police was deploying 200 soldiers to guard a home of Dr Besigye and reportedly spending 600m daily on him but the same security can’t deploy in two districts!

I think the biggest problem of NRM government is that they centralize marginal issues and marginalize central central issues, they major in minors and minor in majors.

Do you remember how Museveni reacted when an NRM person was beaten up an in Ntungamo in a scuffle in 2016 elections? Do you remember how he reacted when it was alleged that NUP supporters were attacking NRM supporters? Let the killers try one person in Kiruhura District, you will see him addressing Parliament on state of security!

I think the people of Masaka are paying a price for not voting wisely, that is why there is this reluctancy! How can these murders happen when we have a network of intelligence right from the DISO, GISO and PISO?

How can security fail to locate killers of this nature when we have a budget of 6.9 trillion for defense and security six times bigger than agriculture?

If we can deploy soldiers allover Kampala with hundreds of streets, why can’t we deploy in Masaka and Lwengo districts? Can 26 murders be coordinated without using phones and what was the essence of registering the simcards?

Where do the killers get the confidence? Police says, “we shall arrest the killers“ and the next day they kill another person, who can have such a skill and confidence unless he is part of security?

Can we completelyt rule out the possibility that it could be an inside job? Maybe a clique in security circles doing it to justify a need for more budget, who knows?

Don’t you see that the attempted murder of Katumba Wamala justified a need for car tracking deal, don’t you think someone is some where smiling? Have you forgotten that the killing of Kaweesi, kirumira & Abriga justified the need to have cameras in Kampala?

Why do you think during Kale Kayihura there was a lot of murders and kidnaps until he was sacked? Why do you think cattle rustling in Kalamoja and rebel attacks in West Nile started happening immediately after the budget of defence and security increased?

Lastly, in his speech at the funeral of Loketch, President Museveni expressed a need to talk to the UN security council in order to enable him deploy in DRC.

The more the international community including Uganda deploys in DRC the more the war intensifies and the more the war in DRC, the more refugees we receive and subsequently the more legitimate Museveni becomes in the face of international community.

You may be surprised if the killings in Masaka are meant to justify a new rebel group to attract funding or to justify the presence of ADF that would eventually justify a need for more deployment in Congo.

The people of Masaka could be dying as a collateral damage in a scheme bigger than Masaka itself.


Muhimbise George, muhimbiseg@gmail.com, 0787836515

The author is a member of Alliance for National Transformation

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