OPINION: Let SOPs save us from third Coronavirus wave and lockdown

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were instituted to reduce on the risk of people contracting this COVID-19 pandemic that has since altered human life.

These which include wearing facemasks, hand washing, sanitizing and maintaining social distance are pivotal in reducing on chances of contracting the virus.

From the first wave in 2020, to the recent one which happens to be the second, both have been characterized with lockdowns which we always have been lifted in a phased manner. For every time there is spike in cases and later a decrease, thus constituting a wave. This is the situation we should avoid as it would culminate in yet another lockdown.

Now that we are in the new normal, strict observance of SOPs should be part and parcel of our daily routine in order to avoid the highly anticipated third wave which may push us back to another lockdown. These easy to do activities are golden in the long run.

Further reopening of the economy can be based on the low rates of infections in society like it happened during the first lockdown. This is only possible by maintaining the Standard Operating Procedures which were put in place to cheak the pandemic

With the government delay to reach a reasonable amount of the targeted population to get vaccines against the this virus, we can either observe SOPs or keep waiting longer on the promised vaccines. If delivered, we should go and take our jabs but for the moment, SOPs should be at the forefront of the fight.

For the academic institutions, waiting for the vaccines will further weaken the Education system incase government is not at speed in its vaccination drive. For there are learners that have been seated home for over a year with out being engaged academically thereby facing knowledge loss. A second chance for these institutions to reopen and observe SOPs should be considered.

The old adage that Prevention is better than cure stands. It’s therefore paramount for us to safeguard ourselves from infections from this raging pandemic through observing the Standard operating procedures (SOPs). Let’s wash our hands, let’s sanitize, let’s wear our facemasks and keep social distance. To this there is short cut as we wait for the vaccines.


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