UACE 2020: How all Mbarara schools performed

From the recently released UACE 2020 results, performance in Mbarara District was fair as more students scored the 2 principal passes. At least 21.9% of the district candidature scored F in all subjects and only 3.5% scored A in all subjects.

Also, atleast 11.49% of the district candidature scored between 15-20 Points as opposed to 18.43% scoring between 0-4 points

We now detail the ranking of schools in Mbarara District based on Points distribution

PosnSch.15-202021-10-14 00:00:002021-05-09 00:00:000 -4
1Maryhill H/S645820
2Ntare Sch.9079150
3St.Josephs Voc. Sch.1026170
4Nsambya Hillside-Western Campus714120
5Kashaka Girls SS1734252
6Kashaka H/S1930
7 Mbarara H/S3588693
8St.Marys Girlsvoc. Sch.318141
9St.Charles Lwanga Ss0731
10St.Peters SSKatukuru1370
11Cleverland H/S919398
12Parental Care SS210143
13Bugamba SS416304
14Shuhadae Islamic Sch.212282
15Kinoni H/S8308610
16St.Pauls SSKagongi35175
17Kinoni Girls SS09233
18 Mbarara Army Boarding SS217449
19Western College3185014
20Nombe SS19326
21St.Annes Voc. SS12193
22 Mbarara Girls Sch.15277
23Rwenyaga SS0464
24St.Pauls Biharwe H/S04104
25Tropical SSBwizibwera15277
26 Mbarara Allied Sch.5134225
27Heritage Voc SS2114419
28St.Andrews SSRubindi153310
29Mbarara Modern SS12236
30St.Patricks H/SKatukuru0394
31Laki H/SBujaga02194
32Katatumba Academy03145
33Mwizi SS0344
34Global H/S192817
35Nyakayojo SS153313
36Nyarubanga Voc. SS00112
37Nyamitanga SS11198
38 Mbarara SS095132
39Rwentojo SS01157
40Sentah College112815
41Rwantsinga H/S0297
42Birere SS0196
43Rwampala Comp SS0063
44 Mbarara Central H/S021112
45Rutooma SS0064
46Gods Shepherd SS0065
47Mbarara College0146
48Ankole Hill Sch.0147
49Welden Sch.033550
50City H/S0046
51Creamland SS001526
52Kashari SS00514
53International Window Sch.001133
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