BrighterMonday Uganda joins the Federation of Uganda Employers as premier recruitment partner for employers

CEO BrighterMonday Brian Ntambirweki, Mr. Douglas Opio, The Executive Director Federation of Uganda Employers

BrighterMonday Uganda and the Federation of Uganda Employers signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) announcing partnership between the two organizations.

The partnership brings the Federation of Uganda Employers and BrighterMonday together to promote high quality recruitment solutions making recruitment, testing and sourcing for quality candidates easy, affordable and reliable for Employers in Uganda.

Through this Partnership, the Federation of Uganda Employers and BrighterMonday Uganda will execute;

1. Joint marketing initiatives and continuous improvement of recruitment tools.

2. Joint trainings, webinars and awareness sessions on issues linked to the acquisition of high quality talent for organizational development.

3. Joint research on recruitment matters and will contribute to the reduction of youth unemployment through continuous improvement of job matching services in the country.

The MOU signed between BrighterMonday Uganda and Federation of Uganda Employers

Mr. Brian Ntambirweki, the CEO, BrighterMonday Uganda said BrighterMonday is at the forefront of the digital transformation of recruitment and HR productivity in Uganda.

“We are delighted to partner with the Federation of Uganda Employers and believe that a partnership with FUE will accelerate the use of technology to improve efficiency and make the job market more transparent. We intend on doing so by leveraging FUE’s strong membership to advocate for more use of technology in recruitment in both the private and public sectors.”

“We are excited and determined to leverage this partnership to positively impact the job market.”

Mr. Douglas Opio, the Executive Director of the Federation of Uganda Employers urges Employers to embrace developing business trends. For 60 years, FUE has been working to create a conducive business environment and foster job creation through research, generating policy updates and proposals from employers for consideration by the Government of Uganda.

“We looking forward to working with BrighterMonday Uganda to support Employers achieve organisational success”

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