Education expert Jonathan Kivumbi takes on PM Nabbanja in midweek missive over COVID-19 relief, wants President to call her to order

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja (PHOTO /Courtesy)

‘If you look at the names proposed, many of them cannot even be employed anywhere. I do not know whether in Uganda, worth the name, not even a garbage collecting company that can employ Robinah Nabbanja as its CEO.

She is now the prime minister and leader of government business’. These were the words used by Honourable Ssemujju Nganda, the member of Parliament for Kira municipality, in Wakiso district, while commenting about the appointment of Robinah Nabbanja, as Uganda’s first female prime minister, and ministers, in an interview with NTV, Uganda.

This is a statement that the public took, lightly and to-date, a cross section of the public, including the prime minister, Robinah Nabbanja, herself, still believe that Ssemujju is just witch-hunting, the prime minister, and to them, he holds something personal, with the Premier. In fact, the prime minister, Robina Nabbanja, reached an extent, of raising this matter on the floor of Parliament, during the prime minister’s question time, rather than focus at government business, like her job description, specifies.

Before ranting at Ssemujju, allow me pose this question to the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja. Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, did you make efforts to reflect on the words you said, while at home, in Kakumiro, upon receiving the news of your appointment as prime minister, or not? For goodness sake, did you endeavour to re-play this video? Surely, if you, as an individual, did not ever expect to be appointed to such a high-ranking office, where then do you get the audacity to question Ssemujju, over his remarks against you?

When appointed state minister for primary health care, in the 10th Parliament, did Ssemujju, ever make the same remarks? Aware you aware that, after describing you, and the biggest percentage of your colleagues, in cabinet, while presiding over the swearing-in ceremony of ministers, at Kololo ceremonial grounds, three months, ago, the President, was actually re-affirming to Ssemujju’s remarks against you? For goodness sake, supposing you were the owner of, say Nabbanja Garbage Collection Company Limited (NGCCL), situated in Kakumiro district, would you appoint a fisherman/woman (incompetent person), as the CEO of the company, in the presence of COUNTLESS numbers of Pharisees (competent people), surely?

Rt. Honourable Prime Minister, have made the initiative to look at the video, that is making rounds on the different social medium platforms, in which you danced to the lyrics of ‘Kyarenga’, like a high school student (girl) attending a S.1 welcome party?

For heaven’s sake, is there any CEO of a company, with a sound repute, in Uganda, as put forward by Ssemujju, who can dance the way you did?

As prime minister, Nabbanja’s first principal task, was the Disbursement of the CoViD-19 relief funds, to the vulnerable, in selected parts of the country, a task that she OUTRIGHTLY failed to execute, as required: so, would anyone condemn, rebuke, or castigate Honourable Ssemujju, still, over his remarks against the Rt. Honourable Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja, surely?

For goodness sake, Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, how could you reach an extent of FOOLING the entire population, moreover, on day-one of the relief disbursement? Precisely, how could you, issue out the very first disbursement of shs. 100,000/-, to a one Oloya, in Gulu city, who was not meant to be a beneficiary, surely?

So, after the very first aid going out to a wrong person, how sure are we that the rest of the money went to the intended beneficiaries? Madam Prime Minister, have you ever heard of this common adage used in communication science-‘The first impression, makes an everlasting impression?’

Surely, having failed your first assignment, how sure are we that you will be in position to accomplish other tasks, as required? In fact, after Oloya telling you that he was a farmer, why did you, surely go ahead to with the transaction?

Were farmers supposed to be part of the beneficiaries of this money, surely? Why, why, why, … (and I can ask this several times), did you go ahead to approve Oloya’s cash transaction, yet the man had already told you he was a farmer? So, in this case, who is fooling who?

Of all people meant to benefit from this money, why was the first beneficiary from Gulu? Precisely, why is it that the first beneficiary, Oloya, was from Gulu, and not from Kampala, where the launch was conducted?

Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, it is common practice for people to receive money, via their cellphones, and take some time (at least 1-3 minutes), to realize that someone has sent them money, which we did see with Oloya. For goodness sake, what was/is the magic, here?

In other words, how come, Oloya already knew he was going to receive money from the prime minister, surely, moreover, at a particular hour, of the day? So, Oloya gets a call from the prime minister, and does not even get shocked, surely?

Rt. Honourable Prime Minister, can this be possible? Do you really want to tell the public, that the first time you received a call from the President, or any highly-placed person, it didn’t take you by surprise?

Madam Prime Minister, don’t you really think Oloya had prior knowledge of what you were about to unfold on July 8, 2021? Precisely, don’t you think this whole issue had been stage managed?

For goodness sake, who, in particular, was/is behind this whole arsenal? And in case, you, as the person responsible, is not, in the know, then, who do you think knows, surely? Don’t think, you also ought to be interrogated, over the matter?

For heaven’s sake, after failing to execute her duties, where does the prime minister, Robinah Nabbanja, get the moral authority to direct the head of the anti-corruption unit of state house, Col. Edith Nakalema, to liasie with the Inspectorate of Government, to bring the culprits to book?

Don’t you think, the prime minister, is the first culprit? Oh yes! Perhaps, I can exonerate her for mismanaging the whole process, but, truth is, I cannot pardon her for going ahead to approve Oloya’s cash transaction, after the latter (Oloya) making it clear to her that he was/is a farmer.

Without any doubt, this enough evidence to implicate Nabbanja and all her accomplices, of which Honourable Betty Among, the minister for gender, labour, and social development, is part.

What was the logic behind extending aid to a person who had already made it clear to these people, that he was/is a farmer, surely?

With hundreds of thousands, of people meant to benefit from this money, left out, including teachers and educators, in general, specifically those in private education institutions, whom I represent, being left out, why should the chief accounting officer, of this project, the prime minister, in this case, be left to walk away scorch free, surely?

Is the prime minister, actually aware that there are a number of teachers on government pay roll, who also benefited from this money? For goodness sake, with the county’s education sector, presently leaping, how does someone mismanage billions and billions of shillings, and be left to walk away scorch free, surely?

How is a person who failed to distinguish the vulnerable from those who are not, going to oversee government business, successfully, surely? For instance, how is the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja, going to successfully preside over business in public education agencies, including public schools, if she could not/cannot ably differentiate the vulnerable from those that are not?

Truth be told, if Uganda was a country where sanity prevails, by now the Rt. Honourable, Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja, together with all her accomplices, notably the minister of gender, labour, and social development, Honourable Betty Among, should have resigned, and paved way for smooth investigations.

However, this being Uganda, as we all know, these people will go unquestioned, as though nothing happened. Hopefully, since the President assured us of zero-tolerance to corruption, in this term, appropriate action shall be taken against all those that mismanaged the CoViD-19 relief, meant to benefit the vulnerable, starting with the prime minister.

If Honourable Abraham Byandala, formerly minister for works and transport, is still battling with corruption-related cases, over just appending his signature on a highly questionable contract, how about Nabbanja, who extended relief meant for the vulnerable, well-aware that the people she was sending this relief were not the rightful beneficiaries, surely?

We do not need to look any further; Oloya’s case is just enough to pin Nabbanja, over the mismanagement of public resources, as already stated.

Jonathan Kivumbi

Educationist-communication and language skills analyst

0770880185 (WhatsApp 0702303190) jonathankivumbi2017@gmail.com

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