Gashumba: I called Museveni after ‘terrorists’ kidnapped Dr. Muganga

Frank Gashumba is a social and political activist, motivational speaker and a businessman (PHOTO/Courtesy)

Outspoken political analyst and self acclaimed head of the Banyarwanda community in Uganda, Frank Gashumba has bragged about how his links with president Museveni helped him bail out the Victoria University Vice-Chancellor Dr. Lawrence Muganga.

“The Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University studied with my young brother at Makerere University. He is Chairman of the Bavandimwe. That is why I stood up when he was being violated,” Gashumba opened up on Tuesday night on the NBS Barometer Extra show. “Some people in this government have turned into gods. The President came out to speak against the violation of human rights, and we were pleased. The way the VC was arrested was inappropriate. The President had to intervene for his release. We contacted him. We don’t have to call him but what do you do?,” Gashumba said. “They were even saying they had the right to shoot. These people in CMI are biased. They even held a woman in custody for 2 years, raped and impregnated her,” he added.

On Muganga’s ordeal, Gashumba claims security forces are biased against the Banyarwanda community.

“The man grew up from here. When he failed to get a job, he went to Rwanda. He then went to Canada and returned to Uganda, and got a job at Victoria University,” he said.

“The President watched the video of his arrest, and he said, “This is unbelievable.” This is going to happen to everyone. An attack on one person is an attack on all of us,” he added.

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