IMPERIAL PARADISE: State evolution and electronic colonialism

John Kamurinde is the author of the slavery in modern education (PHOTO /Courtesy)

“……………reality is not an independent phenomenon. Thus, the behavior of reality is a reflex of the other. Likewise, the electronic world has no self-explanation for its existence and behavior.

The philosophy behind it is its destiny.” See: THE SLAVERLY IN MODERN EDUCATION-The Human Dignity is Not for Sale. By Kamurinde John

The journey to imperial paradise by corporate powers seem unstoppable, as I will emphasize hereunder. The emergence of corporate power is an indication of state evolution and the diminishing power of the state to control dynamics in society. This gave rise to emergence of electronic states which are not limited by any power or principles other than the markets. The traditional state is fading.

The dilemma is that the electronic state is authored by markets and lacks foundation in human principles such as love, justice and happiness and thus its utmost synthetic and ruthless to the aforementioned principles. Through electronic colonialism by hijacking dominant cultures and personalities, their journey to imperial paradise is inevitable. Thus, the new form of colonialism is electronic and its frontiers are not states but social media and other electronic companies in form of electronic states.

The imperial expedition of these companies is premised on the following:
control of market
-unlimited boarders
-unlimited power
-they control what to say, who to say and when to say.

Important to say is that they have a closer relationship with traditional states of their origin because the owners of these companies are subject to the civilization of their states of origin.

However, important to note, it is the traditional states that depend on the electronic states (electronic and social media companies). Thus, justifying my earlier statement that the traditional power of the state is fading. Weak states like ones Africa without a strong electronic backbone are in fragility because their power in the social media world is fundamentally limited.

With the emergence of pooled sovereignty, electronic multinational companies such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, Amazon among others, the status of traditional states as we very much know them is weakened to the born marrow. Traditional states are grappling to curtail the growing influence of these states. We must agree that the traditional state became a sub-state.

Whereby its functions were limited to enforcing law and order for proper functioning of society and exploitation by these companies.

Predictions on world economic progress focus majorly on traditional states but the emergency of these multinational electronic companies make the equation complicated. Companies like Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook etc. are already richer than any state on the African continent. They are even stronger than traditional states in the developed world.

The principle of state sovereignty is threatened as the behavior of the state is likely to be dictated by these companies. However much traditional states are putting a lot of resistance, it is evident that they’re own survival is rooted in the fusion with emerging states.

One of my lecturers at the university stated that the state is amorphous (meaning its power is unlimited). I disagreed with him then and I must disagree with him now. Nothing can be amorphous in a radical revolution and evolution. Anything subject to change cannot be amorphous.

Given that, the state is run by humans who undergo change, it follows that its behavior and power cannot be amorphous. The origin of these states emerges from economic freedom, many states lost the war on privatization, companies won. Traditional states lost control on the means of production and production relations.

This was one indication of state evolution.
The emerging revelation of the masked state is the waiver on taxes by many governments, it will soon become a law that multinational companies must not pay tax.

Whereas there is sound reason and logic behind this theory given that these companies help governments in creating jobs, what is undisputed is the diminishing state power in production forces.

The state will slowly lose its status as the mother of all companies and society. Given that the primary function of the state is to perpetuate security, development and welfare for its people, where the state loses capacity to create jobs for its people, then it cannot perpetuate development and the same marks its eventual collapse.

Traditional states like USA have already fused and assimilated with corporate power of these electronic companies, thus the traditional state remained a mere tool to enforce the interests of corporations. The political leadership cannot do anything because their relevancy is dependent on these companies.

The imperial expansion of these electronic states is not rooted in hard military expedition, it’s not limited to boarders. There expansion is rooted in control of mind. They have used dominant cultures like American culture to expand their hegemony.

Important to note is the reciprocal relationship between celebrities and these emerging states. Celebrities use their fame to reach wider audiences and get money and these states use the wider territories reached to recapitalize on their power. Celebrities are mere employees of these companies/electronic states.

In conclusion, these states are not limited by any law because the framers of the law are already their subjects. Their journey to imperial paradise seems unstoppable by any government because they control the means of production. Even social agents like politicians, musicians, athletes, religion etc. use their infrastructure and their relevance is limited without these companies.

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