RODRIC WERE: The solution to Covid-19 is listening to Prophet Elvis Mbonye

Were Rodrick is a member of the National Christian Students Association

“What?! Why?! How did a small flue disorganize the whole world? “, one wonders. It all started as a joke until the enemy used all the various tools possible to twist the world. Most times, the devil puts the man down by implanting thoughts and paralyzing his mind. As long as man is able to conceive thoughts like a failure and has reflex actions to these negative thoughts, then the devil has him exactly where he wants him to be. The devil will not want them to know of the great and mighty things that the Lord is doing.

Fortunately, we have The Prophet Elvis Mbonye, who is awakening humanity to an experiential realization of the eternal God. He urges us to take a particular direction which is the way, the truth, and the life. He recently urged the politicians in his open letter to the political leaders of Uganda. (

Unfortunately, due to a stale [spiritual] diet that has created bias, we rubbish prophetic insights and follow our own [wrong] way. People have been fed with ‘prophecies’, which they refer to as projections in their scientific and political terms, from the so-called politicians and scientists who paint a gloomy and abnormal future through their media houses and conduits. Even some “men of God” mislead their flock and they both end up on the wrong path but the lord has always shown a clear path through the Prophet which if followed, prosperity and rejoicing comes.

Amos 3:7 (King James Version) Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

God does NOTHING, except he reveals his secrets to his servant the Prophet. Some of you may get it tomorrow while others may never get it. [In the spiritual realm] Such a voice is ranked higher than any force including the apparent darkness (under the guise of a disease). The office of the Prophet is the highest spiritual rank and not even the highest earthly systems can defy this supreme spiritual authority.

For example, I remember when Prophet Elvis Mbonye called out a girl who had three missing papers. (Imagine you are a student who has missing papers and graduation is closing). “What next? Should I drop out and try out other things? Is this the end of the road for me?”, the questions you would ask yourself? However, when the Prophet saw this situation, he just added her name to the graduation list and she graduated. Not even the university could come in the way of this power despite this being done in public before thousands, streamed on television to millions, and still available on YouTube( So, no one can make sense out of that. Wouldn’t you love such an experience? This is a rhetorical question.

In today’s [restricted to the physical] world, many would love to have a formula for everything but in the spiritual world, no matter how schooled you are [with earthly accolades], you are either spiritual or carnal. That is to say, you are either led by or perceive by spiritual senses or natural senses.

When Covid 19 came to this great nation Uganda, the government mismanaged the situation. I say this because it left many people who are students (like me), school-going children among others depressed. The funniest thing they would opt for is to do everything online. Being online is not only expensive but also not as effective as meeting physically. Places of worship in which we would seek comfort and safety were not spared in this ordeal and remain closed indefinitely. This would have kept us the students hopeful. You might say God is everywhere but you don’t meet God everywhere.

There has to be an atmosphere that is conducive for us to meet with God and enjoy fellowship with him. This is why places of worship are consecrated and how worship is conducted there is not the same as a marketplace. The devil knows that if people gather, it is a threat to him because people are able to open new doors which are great.

To be candid, the lord did not send Covid-19. He never intends for his image (who is you) to suffer. He always intends that his image prospers and conquers. The solution to Covid-19 is heeding the prophetic voice. Please listen and pay attention to know which way you and I must go to overcome.

By Were Rodrick.

The writer is a member of the National Christian Students Association

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