Summary of President Museveni address on school, church reopening

President Yoweri Museveni (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Here are the reviewed measures to open sectors that were pending lifting of restrictions as directed by President Yoweri Museveni in his address on 22nd September 2021;

Places of Worship:

The places of worship can now open under the following conditions:
Limit the number of worshippers at any one time to not more than 200 provided the place of worship can ensure physical distancing of 2 meters on either side and adequate aeration.

There must be strict adherence to all SOPs at all times i.e. hand washing/ use of alcohol based sanitizer, temperature monitoring, and consistent wearing of face masks by all congregants including the choir and preachers.

No congregation for worship after curfew hours

The 200-persons-limit, physical distancing and all other SOPs should be respected even during special occasions e.g. weddings, funeral services, confirmation.

Weddings, Burials and other social events:
The number of persons attending these events can now increase to 200 under strict observance of SOPs

Casinos, Gaming, Betting shops and Gyms: The casinos, gaming, betting shops and gyms can now operate during the day and close by 6:00pm.

Concerts, disco halls, performing artists and beaches remain closed until at least the 4.8 million priority population is vaccinated.

Bars – They will be considered for re-opening when the 4.8 million priority population is vaccinated.

Cinemas and Bibanda (Local Cinema Halls) to remain closed.

Curfew remains at 7:00pm – 5:30am. Boda bodas should stop movement at 6:00pm.

Weekly markets – To open with strict adherence to SOPs and the curfew hours except for current hotspot districts (Soroti, Kampala, Kalungu, Kabale, Kumi, Tororo, Gulu, Nwoya and Yumbe). The RDCs, RPCs, DPCs, DISOs, GISOs should enforce adherence to SOPs.
The Minister for Health should follow up the hotspot districts and review their situation for safe re-opening of the weekly markets after two weeks.

Reopening of schools will be considered based on vaccination of teachers, non-teaching staff, 330,000 students aged 18 years and above, plus all the other priority population.

Post secondary institutions ( Vocational and Technical Institutions, Universities) to open on 01st November.

The rest of the institutions to open in January 2022.

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