BRIG. JOHN MUGUME: In Kagame’s terror-stricken land, propagandists survive on maligning Gen. Kandiho for a living

Adolf Hitler once said that all propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach. Kagame’s academic dwarfs have failed to score this to its basic requirement. They write propaganda that lacks in facts and substance! I have been following social media posts by some bloggers who hide under pseudo names like Ellen Kampire to attack and malign highly respected leaders of the Ugandan government, and are admired by the entire African continent.

One such individual that never gets off their lips is Gen. Abel Kandiho. From the way he’s attacked even on information they clearly have no facts about, it’s clear their assignments are sanctioned by the supreme leader of the reign of terror in Rwanda.

Malnourished Ellen Kampire is just another person who sells her mind to earn a living from Rwanda’s government coffers which are filled with money squeezed from poverty-stricken taxpayers.

She joins a long list of abusers who use fake names in Kigali like Virunga, and others, many of them have almost their entire families living in Uganda. In Kinyarwanda, these are called ‘Mpemucye ndamucye’, translated to mean…Let me sell my soul out to earn a meal ticket.

“They are a bunch of idle fools who survive on insulting Uganda. Do you expect them to do anything else like a business? They can’t because Rwanda’s private sector is completely broken. The only business they know is to assemble at the Office of Government Spokesperson where names of Ugandan officials are read out for them to abuse. They then wait for their monthly paycheques,” says Ronald Mugwaneza, a Rwandan national who now stays in Kampala.

In one desperate effort, Kampire blogged a few days ago, trying to convince her readers, if there are any, that Gen. Kandiho is fighting the Bavandimwe group because he fears; President Museveni will divert the CMI budget to them. First and foremost, one wonders why Rwandans should interfere with the internal matters of a sovereign country like Uganda.

Secondly, Kagame supports the Bavandimwe because he clearly knows that history can repeat itself. He believes in weakening and dividing the Banyarwanda community in Uganda so that a replica of the 1990 RPA invasion on Rwanda doesn’t happen to him. Its Gen. Kandiho’s duty like any smart head of the military intelligence to deter any foreign enemy’s activities on Ugandan territory would ultimately lead to insecurity in the country.

As for budgets that Gen. Kandiho is reportedly fighting for, Kagame’s dense bloggers fail to reason that CMI is under the Ministry of Defence with a streamlined official budget. So, from which budget would the Abavandimwe survive? And why would Museveni support Bavandimwe, yet he has all his Presidential powers to unite Banyarwanda, in case that disunity is there?

Joseph Ntabana, a regional commentator observes that Kagame’s way of operating is now an open secret. “It’s abominable for Rwandans in Rwanda to promote foreign interests in Rwanda. Why should Kagame think Gen. Kandiho can’t tolerate his Abavandimwe activities in Uganda?

Kagame is the kind of guy who will beat you, but cry loudest like he’s the one who’s been beaten while passing the guilt to his neighbor. For example, he kills his opponents in Congo, and his people will rush and blame it on Congolese government forces. He does the same in South Africa and then blames the killings on gun violence in the country. Everyone is now used to his games, and there’s no amount of public relations that can nowadays wash away his evil acts,” says Ntabana.

Peter Rwema another elderly Munyarwanda resident in Kiboga argues that Kagame will die of high blood pressure for as long as he thinks that the Banyarwanda community in Uganda is his constituency. The Kiboga elder observes that Abavandimwe is led by Frank Gashumba, a renowned thug, who can do anything for money. “They arrogantly think that we Banyarwanda in Uganda are their diaspora. Why should our matters concern them?

Why shouldn’t we believe that Gashumba’s Abavandimwe group is their brainchild and they are funding it to the fullest? Where have they been for all these years and why are they showing up at this particular time when relations between Uganda and Rwanda are cold,” Rwema said. Gen. Kandiho is a patriot and a nationalist who swore to defend his country from any foreign aggression.

Kagame’s propagandists can brace for more defensive action from him, for as long as he doesn’t respect Uganda’s territorial sovereignty.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect our editorial stance.

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