Owino chairperson Susan Kushaba fears for life, flees home as son hit with iron bar in latest makert wrangle fallout

Susan Kushaba addresses traders (PHOTO /Courtesy).

KAMPALA — St. Balikuddembe Market interim chairperson Susan Kushaba says she worries about her safety everyday and that she is being trailed and threatened by people who she believes are also behind the plot to forcefully seize the leadership of Kampala’s largest market —Owino.

“I’m being trailed every day by people we are yet to identify and I’m always worried about my safety and that of my family,” Ms. Kushaba told on Tuesday.

The teary Kushaba also revealed to this website that yet to be identified people trailed and hit on the head, her son, a one Arafat with an iron bar in an incident she believes is also connected to her stance against Owino Market takeover by what she describes as a sophisticated mafia network.

“My son was hit with an iron bar on the head. People hit, he fell on the ground but they didn’t take anything from him,” Kushaba who believes that the incident is one of the threats sent her to break her back said.

Susan Kushaba's son, a student at Makerere University was hit with an iron bar by yet to be identified people (PHOTO /Courtesy).

Susan Kushaba’s son, a student at Makerere University was hit with an iron bar by yet to be identified people (PHOTO /Courtesy).

“Like i said, I fear sleeping at my home now and I think about my life and the safety of my family everyday,” she noted.

“… but again, I really believe defending and leading all these voiceless traders you see there to refuse the exploitation is so important that I have to forget about my safety,” she said.

Ms. Kushaba has for been a vocal critic of what she describes as
bad leaders in Owino, in part due to exploitation, lack of accountability and terrorising of traders.

Before she was elected interim chairperson, Kushaba was already speaking out against the leadership of St. Balikuddembe Market Stalls, Space and Lock-ups Owners Association (SSLOA) Mr Godfrey Kayongo.

Last week, Owino traders foiled a “coup attempt” by a gang they claimed had been sent by Kampala Minister Minsa Kabanda to distabilise the market.

“The traders, working with the market leadership thwarted an attempt by them (the gang) to distablise the smooth running of Owino and we are still prepared to defend it from such intruders,” Kushaba said last week.

She said some people have always tried to seize power by force in the Market and noted that a section of people some not even traders are being facilitated to appear in the media with unfounded allegations and blatant lies against the market leadership with the aim of returning chaos in St. Balikuddembe Market.

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