List of 46 new counties in Uganda, constituency approved by Parliament

Parliament approves the creation of 46 new counties in Uganda

Local govt minister Magyezi moved motion for the creation of the 46 new counties in Uganda

Parliament has sanctioned the creation of 46 new counties in Uganda and a new constituency, the Nakawa West ahead of general polls

Article 63 (1) of the Constitution empowers parliament to prescribe the number of constituencies for purposes of elections for Members of Parliament. According to Deputy Attorney General Jackson Kafuuzi, as of 9th August 2016, Parliament prescribed a total of 296 constituencies.

Now with the approval of the 46 new Counties, creation of Nakawa West Constituency, an earlier approval of 10 new cities that came into effect on 1st July 2020, the Eleventh Parliament will expand to a total of 497 elective seats of which 353 are direct constituencies, while 144 are Women MPs representing districts.

Kafuuzi explained that the new cities will comprise of 2 divisions which are equivalent to municipalities with full representation to parliament as well as a Woman MP.

The approved new constituencies are Buhweju West, Buwekula South, Kiboga West, Lamwo East, Bugangaizi South, Chekwi East, West Budama Central, and Kwania North. On the same list are Buyanja East, Kagoma North, Ngariam, Agago West, Bukanga North, Bukimbiri and Nakaseke Central. These (15) were approved by Cabinet on June 15th.

The others are Kapere (Ngora district), Butiru (Manafwa), Kyoga North (Amolatar), Napero West (Karenga), Bukora East (Napak), Nwoya East (Nwoya), Namayingo South (Namayingo), Elgon North (Bulambuli), Samia Bugwe Central (Busia) and Mawogola West (Sembabule).

The list also has: Otuke East (Otuke), Ruhama East (Ntungamo), Isingiro West (Isingiro), Two county (Bukwo), Okyero (Kaberamaido), Soy (Kween), Namisindwa (Namisindwa), Gweli (Soroti), Pingire (Serere), Bukonko central (Mbale), Aringa East (Yumbe), Kyaka Central (Kyegegwa), Ruhinda South (Mitooma), Kyigai (Bududa), Gogonya (Palisa), Busiki North (Namutumba), Maruzi North (Apac), Rwampara East (Rwampara), Bugangahizi (Kikuube), West Budama North East (Tororo) and Dodoth North (Kaabong). These totaling 31 were approved by Cabinet on Monday 27th July.

Besides the new constituencies, Nakawa Division in Kampala district is also split into two constituencies.

The approval in the plenary session chaired by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga followed a motion by the Minister for Local Government, Raphael Magezi in which he said that the counties are created basing on a population quarter of 150,000, means of communication, level of economy, wishes of the people and others.

He noted that besides these 46 approved constituencies, several others totaling 16 are still being assessed by his Ministry.

Speaker Kadaga noted that Parliament had more than the required 148 members’ quorum to approve the creation of new constituencies.

However, Kampala Central MP Muhammed Nsereko contested the creation of Nakawa West Constituency in Nakawa Division and do not split other Divisions in the Kampala District. He said that there should be equity in the creation of new constituencies.

But Jacqueline Amongin, the Ngora Woman MP wondered why Nsereko was derailing parliament yet there is a procedure to follow to have new constituencies created. She was backed by Speaker Kadaga before adjourning the House to Tuesday next week amidst protest from Nsereko.

List of 46 new counties in Uganda and one constituency

Buhweju West
✳ Buwekula South
✳ Kiboga West
✳ Lamwo East
✳ Bugangaizi South
✳ Chekwi East
✳ West Budama Central
✳ Kwania North
✳ Buyanja East
✳ Kagoma North
✳ Ngariam
✳ Agago West
✳ Bukanga North
✳ Bukimbiri
✳ Nakaseke Central.
✳ Kapere (Ngora district)
✳ Butiru (Manafwa)
✳ Kyoga North (Amolatar)
✳ Napero West (Karenga)
✳ Bukora East (Napak)
✳ Nwoya East (Nwoya)
✳ Namayingo South (Namayingo)
✳ Elgon North (Bulambuli)
✳ Samia Bugwe Central (Busia)
✳ Mawogola West (Sembabule)
✳ Otuke East (Otuke)
✳ Ruhama East (Ntungamo)
✳ Isingiro West (Isingiro)
✳ Two county (Bukwo)
✳ Okyero (Kaberamaido)
✳ Soy (Kween)
✳ Namisindwa (Namisindwa)
✳ Gweli (Soroti)
✳ Pingire (Serere)
✳ Bukonko central (Mbale)
✳ Aringa East (Yumbe)
✳ Kyaka Central (Kyegegwa)
✳ Ruhinda South (Mitooma)
✳ Kyigai (Bududa)
✳ Gogonya (Palisa)
✳ Busiki North (Namutumba)
✳ Maruzi North (Apac)
✳ Rwampara East (Rwampara)
✳ Bugangahizi (Kikuube)
✳ West Budama North East (Tororo)
✳ Dodoth North (Kaabong)

The list is generated from the Independent


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