Ugandans, worldwide, applaud Maama Janet Museveni, for her latest innovation-of dialoguing with the public

Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sports

Mrs. Janet Museveni who heads Uganda’s Education Ministry of Education and Sports (PHOTO/File)

Please be reminded that the First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Maama Janet Museveni, has launched an official online platform, that she will use to enlighten the public (more so, the youngsters and their parents) on issues of national importance on a weekly basis.

Just as you loaded Maama, with hundreds of thousands of birthday messages on June 24, 2021, while celebrating her 73rd birthday, I urge you to do the same, and awash her with as many topical issues that you would like her to attend to. Let us use this opportunity to share with her, not only the challenges encountered, more so, in relation to education, but also the solutions to the challenges, as well. Parents are strongly encouraged to enable their children (call them guys) get access to Maama’s weekly editions, without fail, to ensure that they (children) don’t miss out on Maama’s words of wisdom.

This week, Maama has taken us through PATRIOTISM-IN RELATION TO MORAL MORAL, SOCIETAL, AND NATION BUILDING, and this has been already widely spread. I wish to take this opportunity to thank people in the diaspora who have welcomed this brilliant idea by this woman of God-Maama Janet Museveni. My sister Jane N. Ssempebwa, in London, thank you for pledging to extend Maama’s message to the Ugandans in the United Kingdom; sister Margaret in the United States, thank you dearly, for accepting to work with me, build a better Uganda, by accepting to take on the role of sharing Maama’s weekly editions amongst all your contacts in the U.S., focusing at our brothers and sisters from Uganda.

Dearest Jacklyn in Turkey, I saw your message on receipt of this week’s edition, that I shared with you last night; be blessed as you spread Maama’s words of wisdom amongst Ugandans in Turkey. My sister Leah in Canada, thank you for voluntarily taking on the ambassadorship role in Canada. Please let us ensure that Maama’s message reaches out to the Canadian target audience, without fail.

Brother Ephraim in South Africa, even though you are not Uganda, you could not hold your delight upon receipt of this week’s edition from the Number One woman of the Pearl of Africa-Maama Janet, last evening; Maama’s message to the girl-child caught your attention, a great deal. Yes, brother, let us support Mzee Amos Kaguta’s daughter-in-law, in her efforts of inculcating morals amongst our children (boys, withstanding). The onus lies on you and me, to ensure that our children, whether Ugandan, or not, grow up as complete children-and this is Maama’s dream. Many a thank you, brother, for willfully accepting to work with me in extending Maama’s message to our African brothers and sisters in South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Brother Timothy in the United States, you indeed a special species; I am pretty convinced, together we shall successfully extend Maama’s message, amongst the Ugandan community in the States. To all my friends in dispora that I have not mentioned, please kindly do accept my sincerest apologies, for you are indeed too many, yet the time and space available, are insatiable. Not even switching off my phone, last night stopped you from sending in those highly thrilling messages, in appreciation of Maama’s take on patriotism, and above all, her opening up on communication, with every Ugandan, regardless of their location. The task ahead of us, now is to ensure that we all act as Maama’s ambassadors, in our respective countries, as this is the only way, her words of wisdom shall reach the intended target group, worldwide. Good enough, you have all accepted to put on your boots, and support Maama in this noble cause, of transforming, not only the country’s education, but the social and economic environments of our country, as well. To my fellow Ugandans, back home, allow me to let you know that God has, arguably, blessed us with a formidable resource-Maama Janet Museveni-the reason I am calling upon each one of us, exclusive of economic, social, and political differences, to rally behind this woman of God, in building the Uganda, we all desire to see, soonest. You will agree with, morality, neatness, and (exemplary) leadership, neither know our political, nor religious affiliations.

It does not know whether you and/or me (myself) are either Acholi, or Langi. Whether you are a Muganda, Mugisu, Munyakore, Itesot, Karamajong, or Alur, morality, remains a constant. Just as a Musoga girl, or boy, is expected to behave according to the societal norms, so must a Mukiga, Mutooro, or Mukonzzo. This implies, therefore, that even our ethnic (or tribal) backgrounds, should not, in any way, be used as a yardstick for supporting Maama’s cause, or not. When Maama tells our girls and boys, to keep away from BAD COMPANY, she is not disseminating this message to the children of the people of her party-National Resistance Movement (NRM); she is not only communicating to the people (boys and girls) from western, eastern, or northern Uganda; her message is meant for each and Ugandan, regardless.

In fact, Maama, does not only end at Uganda (patriotism); she equally embraces pan-Africanism, as she encourages our children, to embrace the African culture, unreservedly. Having successfully influenced the female parents grandparents of the guys (children), into the adoption of the ‘Janet Cut’ style, particularly in the past twenty years, or so, Maama, now wants to do the same among the guys-the reason she is encouraging them to keep their hair, not only neat, but also, natural (or purely, African). So, why not, support her cause, surely? Thankfully, upon sharing this week’s edition on ‘patriotism’, almost each and everyone of you (if not, all of you) warmly welcomed Maama’s innovation, and pledged to voluntarily act as her ambassadors in your respective communities.

Uncle Daudi, thank you for being the first person to welcome this innovation, from this woman of God-Maama Janet. You have already pledged to give her a helping hand, in ensuring that her message reaches out to the intended target group throughout the whole country, placing emphasis on Nnakawa Municipality. Sister Harriet, I know with you in the midst, Maama’s message will easily reach out to each and every Ugandan, in Kira Municipality, and Uganda, at large-for your love for Uganda, and Africa, at large, is insurmountable.

My brother Nicholas, you immediately, picked your Bible, and decided to pray for each, and every Ugandan child, irrespective of where they are currently situated, upon receipt of Maama’s weekly edition on issues of national importance, the previous night. Thank you, for voluntarily accept to support Maama’s call …. Be blessed, always! My dearest friends in the armed forces (specifically, the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) and the Uganda Police), allow me say thank you, for the enthusiasm demonstrated upon receipt of Maama’s write-up on patriotism, last night. And above all, thank you, for voluntarily accepting to, on top of your, highly demanding job(s), adding on the ambassadorship role, as well. This is clearly demonstrates, you are indeed a patriotic group of people-the reason you have not disappointed. I personally do not know of any police, or army officer, who wants to raise an ill-mannered child. Could there be anyone in police, or military uniform, who would wish to operate from a dirty environment? Surely, is there anyone who has ever come across a police, or army officer, in their rightful senses, whose interests lie in living, or working in a disorganized environment, for heaven’s sake? Arguably, just as a civilian wants to stay in a clean and organized environment, so does a police, or army officer. Just as a civilian likes to raise a morally upright child, so do the people in the armed forces.

Believe it, or not, there is no civilian parent, world-over, who loves to see their children, moving out with people, whose morals are considered unfit for society, unless they (the parents) are have something unusual, with them, and so, do the parents in the armed forces. This largely explains, why all armed officers, with whom I shared Maama’s message on patriotism, vowed to be her ambassadors, regardless. Thank you, dear comrades, for heeding Maama’s call, of building a better Uganda. And lastly, but not the least, let me also take this opportunity, to say thank you, to all the media platforms, that have come out, to voluntarily, assist Maama, in her works.

In a special way, I wish to thank, the management of one of Uganda’s popular, for taking Maama’s plea by the horn, as they have pledged to freely publish her weekly editions, as a way of ensuring that, even those who might fail to catch up with Maama, on her official Facebook page, can, at least, get the message on WhatsApp.

And since, not all Maama’s targeted customers, can access the Internet, the management of Uganda’s most favourite Christian radio station, 93.9 NAMIREMBE FM, has pledged, of course, like it has done before, to allow, the now trending education expert, Jonathan Kivumbi, a platform, to share Maama’s words of wisdom, with the wider public, as, and of when, time permits. Please kindly stay tuned.

There is no doubt, once we all rally behind Maama, and openly support her cause, we shall reach the Promised Land; the land we shall all cherish. Though many of you have welcomed the innovation, as earlier discussed, many still feel, Maama’s online engagement is not sufficient, because of the obvious reasons.

However, my appeal to you is, let us accept what God has given us so far, as we continually ask, and above all, pray for more. Certainly, with time, Maama will extend her communication line, since this has already been brought to her attention. In the meantime, let us make constructive use of what is available, as this is, undoubtedly, a golden opportunity, that God has given us, as Ugandans-the reason we should not throw it away.

Ford and My Country! Jonathan Kivumbi Educationist-communication and language skills analyst 0770880185 [email protected]

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