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A guide to planning for a Safari Holiday in Uganda

On a Uganda Safari you can see a profusion of Hippos, herds of Elephants, Buffaloes, Giant Forest Hogs, the handsome Ugandan Kob, Sitatungas, and Zebras among others.

On a Uganda Safari you can see a profusion of Hippos, herds of Elephants, Buffaloes, Giant Forest Hogs, the handsome Ugandan Kob, Sitatungas, and Zebras among others.

To get the most out of traveling to Uganda, it is better to plan the trip for months or more. Though Uganda is not a big country, the pearl of Africa offers a lot to visitors if you have time and want to explore it all. Planning ahead allows you to save money on stellar lodging selections and transportation, and arranging for special accommodations could make the trip a once in a life-time experience.

Without proper planning, you can take a Uganda Safari and everything seems to be getting wrong as what should have been a care free, relaxing vacation is quickly turning into a stress-filled nightmare. No one likes to dwell on the negative, but the old saying “hope for the best, and plan for the worst” has a lot of truth to it. Many things can go wrong and planning ahead for your Uganda safari holiday will help you avoid unwanted drama, stress and hassles. Here are some tips for getting the best out of you’re guided of self-guided safari holiday in Uganda.

Start planning your trip early

Four to six weeks for low seasons and 3 – 10 months or more for high seasons before you depart is not too early to start planning for your safari holiday to Uganda. If you are purchasing an all-inclusive safari package, make sure you research the agency you are dealing with. Go through their customer reviews with keen. Sometimes bad reviews from customers can help you determine a lot with the experience of the company as some may be biased. If you don’t understand their policies, make them explain it to you until you do understand it. Asking the right questions beforehand can eliminate disappointment over unrealized expectations.

Know what you are getting for your money. Many tour agencies have a window for planning a safari itinerary with their travel experts, so you can tailor one with them. Tell them your accommodation preferences on a safari, what you would like to do or where you would like to go, your budget range and how many others you are travelling with.

Research your trip thoroughly

If you are opting for a self-guided holiday in Uganda, research should be done at all times. The Internet is a good choice for doing this. For instance, a guide to travelling to Uganda or any other travel journal could be a good choice. To get the best deals on Car rental and the best accommodations to suit your preferences, there is no substitute for being informed and fully aware of what is available. In the information age, there are huge amounts of travel information available on the World Wide Web. Make a list of the places you are going to and the start planning on how you will get there, where you will stay when you arrive and what you will do during the time you will spend there.

Always get ready for the unexpected

Still for self-guided holidays, the quality of your trip depends largely on proper planning for the unexpected. Most travellers like to think that things will come off without a hitch, but the truth is that even with the best of planning, things can, and will go wrong from time to time. Planning early, thorough research, double checking arrangements, coverage and documentation, and writing out an itinerary may not completely dispel unexpected problems, but it does produce a peace of mind and assurance knowing that there is a plan in place to deal with the unexpected if it does come about.

If you chose a self-guided tour, you can read a guide to driving in Uganda, top tourist destinations, accommodation facilities among others.

Know where you are going

Africa is a bit different from other continents right from the climate, people and attractions. It is better to know where you are going. Travelling seasons to Uganda are categorised both into low and high. It is better to know when one starts and ends. Keenly study these seasons alongside the local climate so you pick the best time to travel there and feel yourself comfortable.

Read unique articles and study maps for the most popular travel destinations, learn about local laws and customs, find out the most interesting sights, attractions you would like to see. Chat to people who have been to Uganda, ask them for advice. Uganda’s top popular destinations are Bwindi Forest and Murchison Falls National parks, you can begin with reading about these.

If you are to take a gorilla safari be sure of the dates when you will have to track the gorillas as missing such expensive but wonderful activity because of not making to the destination in time could be heart breaking.

Learn the Entry requirements

Make sure you request for your visa in time. Not less than 3 days is advised to request for your entry visa to Uganda. Make sure you have a signed, valid passport and make sure your legal name should be the same on all your travel documents.

Schedule and secure your trip

Do not overstress yourself with a tight timeline, leave some time for relaxation and rest between sightseeing activities. Top popular travel destinations in Uganda are a bit distant and many require hours of drive to get to one another. Activities that require much physicality should be planned with relaxation activities after. For instance, a Gorilla Safari in Bwindi Forest can be followed by relaxation at Lake Bunyonyi or chimpanzee trekking in Kibale forest can be followed by a visit to the crater lakes in Fort Portal.

On the other hand, a lot of expectations is happening in the world. From disease out breaks to security threats, your trip can get halted at the time you cannot expect. This is why you will need to purchase a travel insurance for your trip to Ugandaif you can. It will provide you with a safety blanket if something goes wrong. You can also plan a visit to your family doctor before your trip to ask his advice and to get an extra supply of regularly taken prescribed medications.

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