Airtel Uganda maintains current pre-paid data prices despite 12 per cent Excise Tax

Amit Kapur, the Chief Commercial Officer Airtel Uganda

Amit Kapur, the Chief Commercial Officer Airtel Uganda (PHOTO /File)

KAMPALA — Airtel Uganda will maintain its pre-paid data prices despite the new 12% Excise Duty on internet, which is taking effect Thursday July 1 2021.

The introduction of the new tax and abolition of Over The Top (OTT) follows the passing of the Excise Duty (Amendment) Bill 2021 by the Parliament of Uganda on April 29th, 2021.

“Starting today, our subscribers will not be required to pay OTT in order to access social media websites and Apps. We shall institutionalize the 12% excise tax as mandated by the Government of Uganda however, Airtel Uganda will absorb the excise duty for all pre-paid packs, thus maintaining our pre-paid data prices till further notice” said Amit Kapur, the Chief Commercial Officer Airtel Uganda while making the announcement.

“This will allow Airtel Uganda customers to enjoy and connect with the world seamlessly using our affordable and reliable 4G Smartphone network with no limitation.”

With the popularity of digital lifestyle devices such as Smartphones, and an exponential growth of mobile Apps and multimedia, internet data access has gone up spurring demand for affordable and reliable data. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic re-emphasizes the need as customers are using the internet to deliver on their daily tasks to include learning, work and entertainment.

To facilitate and enhance this lifestyle, Airtel Uganda is cognizant of the affordability matrix. For Shs10,000, a subscriber receives 1.5GBs of data, which data an average user can use in a month comfortably.

The Freaky Friday plan has given more customers a new approach to data access in Uganda, guaranteeing them of cheaper options for the weekend. Every Friday, customers can choose to subscribe to any of the two given offers. A customer has a choice between a 24 hours bundle at only UGX 4,500 or the 3 days bundle valid until Sunday midnight at UGX 7,500 for 6.5GB.

The company recently launched the Chillax Bundles, a product designed to give customers more flexibility and comfort as they browse on Airtel Uganda’s reliable 4G network across the country. The Chillax Bundles do not expire once subscribed to unless exhausted.

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