Amuria District receives new Ambulance, as Alupo rallies communities to embrace government programs

Amuria District receives new Ambulance (PHOTO/Courtesy).

AMURIA — Government has delivered a brand new ambulance to boost health care for patients seeking referral to bigger hospitals as well as aiding pregnant mother to access faster medical care.

The Ambulance was handed over to
Amuria LC5 Chairman Moses Emabu, by Vice President Jessica Alupo during the belated women’s day commemorations in Amuria district today.

The Vice President asked leaders in Teso Sub region to rally communities to embrace government programs especially those designed to fight poverty in households. Amuria was curved out of Katakwi district.

Alupo encouraged the locals to embrace and participate in the Parish Development Model, Emyooga and Operation Wealth Creation especially that Teso region is one of the regions included in the UBOS report which says 39% of the population is not in the money economy.

In tandem with the anti-poverty awareness drives, the Vice President urged the women’s day participants to carry out any one of the enterprises of diary farming, fish farming, piggery, poultry, fruit farming, coffee among others, so that we can collectively fight food insecurity.

Alupo also urged parents to continue prioritizing the education of both girls and boys for the country to achieve all inclusive social economic transformation.

Alupo explained that as the country bridges the gap between the girl and boy children, we should encourage parents and teachers not to slaken on the education of the later.

She stressed that, that when the country will break even in the education of these children.

“I call upon parents present here at the function to give children honour by keeping all children, even those with disability- in school,” She said.

The Vice President also rallied for the protection of the boy child, especially against child labour. “Society and the country needs all children”, she re-affirmed.

She called upon men to respect girl children below 18 years and also urged girl children to respect and restrain themselves so that they are safe and secure until they complete the education cycle.

Alupo pledged Government’s continued commitment in addressing education needs, infrastructure especially the construction and rehabilitation of major roads and social services in the district in a phased manner.

She also urged leaders about the four principles or pillars of the National Resistance Movement which include Nationalism(Love for your country) Pan-africanism (togetherness as African people), Social Economic Transformation and Democracy.

The Vice President also reiterated government efforts to curb cattle rustling in Karamoja and the neighbouring sub-regions of Teso and Sebei. She added that this matter is in the hands of the commander in chief who is President Yoweri Museveni and will be handled to it’s logical conclusion.

She informed the gathering that government is in the process of extending electricity to all sub county headequaters, Schools, health centres and probably all trading centres in the country.

The Minister of Teso Affairs-Obote Ogalo and several district leaders, MPs,head teachers of various schools within Teso sub region were present.

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