AN INTERVIEW WITH A SERPENT:  In face to face with Ghost Member of Parliament

In this chapter I venture into the ever-shifting behavior of parliamentarians when it comes to pertinent issues.

There is a worrying and useless growth of parliamentary togetherness rooted in the gradual evolution of an MP from a people’s MP to the unknown.

It follows that after some MPs are elected; they undergo evolution in self-enrichment. In the sense that even some opposition members of parliament when it comes to matters regarding self-entitlement their opposition fades in frames.

Thus, after a vigorous research I find that there is another member of parliament unknown to any constituent in Uganda and beyond with substantial control over members of Parliament

That said, allow invite you in this travelogue with the unknown ghost in Parliament.

I welcome you in today’s interview

1. To begin with, who are you?

ANS: I am the ghost that you cannot avoid

2. Why?

ANS:  Because I am MPs’ wine, relative and best friend.

3. What do you do?

ANS:  I am a Member of Parliament

4. Who elected you?
ANS:  Members of Parliament

5. What constituency do you represent?

ANS: Parliamentary Avenue, Capitol Hill, Downing Street etc. Call it a lot of names.

6. Describe yourself in three ways?

ANS– I am selfishness

– I am a fucking blood sucker

– I am hypocrisy

– Money

7. What are your tools of operation?

ANS: you see! money is a very powerful tool, its one attractive thing to MPs. I also operate, when citizens are ignorant.

8. You said MPS cannot avoid. Why?

ANS: You see my relationship with MPS is just romantic. I am them and they are me.

9. Who is your best friend?

ANS: Corruption and parliament

10. What is your next plan?

ANS: Auctioning the country.

11. When did you last represent parliament?

ANS:  Recently when parliament allocated millions to itself when people don’t have enough vaccine, medical equipment and food to eat, I also last appeared in 2017 and 2005. You remember what happened?

12. Who is your worst enemy in the current Parliament?

ANS:  Muhammed Ssegirinya of Uganda

In inclusion, this is a fiction of a representative of Parliament. This MP for Parliament constituency has manifested him/her self in every crisis in the country and has always chosen anti-people decisions.

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