Another top ADF commander captured in DRC

Top Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) leader, Benjamin Kisokorania (PHOTO/Courtesy)

Benjamin Kisokorania, a top Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) leader, has been captured, the Uganda People’s Defence Forces have claimed.

With sketchy details about the arrest, reports say Kisokorani was captured by the UPDF and Congolese Army at Uvira on his way from Burundi.

Kisokorania is said to be one of the original members of the Allied Democratic Forces during the times of incarcerated leader Jamilu Mukulu.

His alleged arrest comes a week after the capture of another top ADF recruiter, Banza Madjaribu, who is also a brother of the terrorist group’s de facto commander, Imam Zakaria Banza Souleymane, also known as Bonge La Chuma.

Madjaribu is believed to have organized a recruitment network for ADF using his numerous minibusses and motorcycles, which he would reportedly use to transport recruits to Beni forest via Butembo in North Kivu.

The UPDF together with the DR Congo military on November 30 launched joint air and artillery strikes against ADF camps in eastern Congo.

Kampala blames the recent bombings in the country on ADF.

ADF, alongside motley rebel and militia groups, is based in the mineral-rich North Kivu province and it has thrived due to lack of effective control by Kinshasa, according to experts familiar with regional security.

The Islamic State or ISIS in 2019 named ADF as its affiliate, baptizing it as the Islamic State Central Africa Province (ISCAP).

And ISIS claimed responsibility for the bomb blasts at Central Police Station (CPS) and Parliamentary Avenue, both in Kampala, which has cumulatively killed seven.

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