Archbishop Kaziimba Mugalu rallies men to stop abandoning children with disabilities

The Archbishop of Church of Uganda Rt. Rev. Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu has rallied men especially fathers to stop abandoning their children with disabilities but rather offer them all the necessary attention and care.

This he noted while addressing participants during a scientific Fathers’ Workshop organized at Namirembe Diocese in Kampala to mark the forthcoming Fathers’ Day celebrated on June 21st.

The Archbishop noted that since time      immemorial, men have always been shunning their children with disabilities referring to them as a curse leaving them under care of only their mothers.

“Disabled children need our care as a government and as church; I call upon men in your platforms instead of talking much about politics, money, women and football, you should also talk about children and more so those with disabilities,” Kaziimba rallied men.

Kazzimba noted that despite these children being disabled, they have a lot of potential which if well natured, can benefit the entire family and the nation at large.

“Please let’s take care of these children considered to be curses in families, you never know this could be how God is going to bless you,” Kazimba said.

Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu with Children rights activists

He further called upon all fathers to even be proud of their children, “We shouldn’t allow children to even think that we are not caring, we need to give attention to our children, arise as fathers to give attention to our children, it’s our joint responsibility.”

The Executive Director, National Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Uganda (SHAU), Ruth Nalugya used the same occasion to urge fathers to always stand by their wives in case their children have any related disability.

“We have come to look at the responsibility of fathers in taking care of Children with Spinabifida; a lot of men run away from their
children since they are referred to as a curse which is not the case,” Nalugya said.

Nalugya said that raising up a child with disability takes a lot of effort which calls for both parents to be actively involved other than leaving the task to only mothers.

She noted that over 2.5 million children are born with disabilities but more than 6000 are born with Spina bifida complications which is a serious threat to the society.

Florence Namaganda the founder of Mukisa Foundation a non Government Organization catering for Children with disabilities called upon Pregnant women to regularly visit health facilities for proper guidance and treatment so as to avoid giving birth to children with health complications.

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