Army recalls guards from minister who lost to Bobi Wine’s NUP


Minister Kibuule was rejected by voters in Mukono North (PHOTO/Courtesy).

The Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) has withdrawn all Special Forces Command (SFC) guards from State Minister for Water Ronald Kibuule after the army confirmed the Minister had involved them in unacceptable election malpractice.

Minister Kibuule who was seeking a third consecutive term was defeated by National Unity Platform candidate Abdallah Kiwanuka, forcing the minister to direct his SFC guards to storm Mukono District Electoral Commission tally and put the registrar Mark Muganzi Mayanja on gunpoint, forcing him to declare false poll results in his favor.

Deputy army spokesperson, Lt. Col. Deo Akiiki confirmed that in a regrettable scene, armed SFC officers on orders of Minister Kibuule took over the tally center and forced them inside.

They immediately called Muganzi, the registrar to his office where they allegedly put him on gun point, coercing him to announce the false results that were putting Kibuule in the lead.

The Mukono Division Police Commander, Abubaker Musiho however intervened ordering his team of policemen to arrest and disarm these SFC officers. The arrest and disarming process however did not go on smoothly as the SFC officers first disobeyed the police orders. After reinforcement by the region field police officers from Kampala, the arrest and disarming process was finally conducted successfully.

Political commentators say this act sets a very bad precedent, hence asking for a thorough investigation and prosecution of all the culprits, Minister Kibuule inclusive.

Lt. Col. Akiiki told reporters that the institution had already arrested the officers that involved themselves in messing up the EC’s work and also withdrawn those who were guarding Kibuule’s home.

According to Akiiki, these officers will have to face the army court martial and answer the charges that will be preferred against them.

Residents also alleged that Kibuule has been causing arrests of residents on political grounds and it was time to show him the exit.

Another resident in the said minister Kibuule is “a proud man” who was involved in inappropriate land transactions.

Minister Kibuule is among the victims as Bobi Wine’s NUP marks a generational shift.

Bobi Wine’s party, swept the central region that includes the capital, Kampala in a development that saw over 30 NRM MPs including many cabinet ministers and the vice-president, lose their seats, largely to candidates from NUP.

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