Bebe Cool loses nephew, popular singer Shortkut

Allan Massengere Bebe Cool

Allan Massengere aka Shortkut, an artiste affiliated to Gagamel International of Bebe Cool has died in Wednesday morning after over for days in Intensive Care Unit.

Allan Massengere aka Shortkut, an artiste affiliated to Gagamel International of Bebe Cool has died on Wednesday morning after spending over 40 days in Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Gagamel boss Bebe Cool has confirmed Masengere death on Wednesday morning.

“The Lord has decided my son Allan Massengere should join him in a better place, I thank all the doctors and nurses who tried to save his life for the past 40 days,” Bebe Cool said.
“May his soul rest in peace,” he added said in a social media post.

According to a source in Gagamel, Shortkut recently fainted out of the blue and hasn’t responded since then.

Shortkut, a young talent in the music industry of Uganda has been bed ridden for 40 days. Friends and family, your prayers are welkam. Get well soon in the name of Allah, his boss Bebe Cool said a few days back.

Shortkut is famed for songs like ‘Big mouth by far’ alongside Denzel and two duets ‘Hanya’ and ‘Nze aliwo’ with Gagabounty and Rema.

Attached is a recent interview Massengere had with The Observer.

The Big Mouth singer filed five questions with Sharon Atwine.

Why are you called Shortkut?

Back in school I used to follow up stories about local artistes, and most of them had stage names that didn’t portray their character. Since I wanted to become an artiste, I looked for a name that defines me – in short I’m a shortcut to my success.

What has been your biggest challenge so far in the music industry?

The day I got shot at Centenary park after performing at R. Kelly’s concert with my uncle Bebe Cool.

Greatest fear?

Death of a loved one or myself; other than that, I fear nothing.

Best moment?

When my girlfriend told me she was pregnant: I can’t wait to see how baby Shortkut looks like.

What inspired you to come up with Big Mouth?

Each time I heard Bobi Wine’s By Far lyrics, I was disturbed. I thought it was a joke but later I heard the song played everywhere. I then called up Denzo and we came up with a reply.

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