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Best cars to hire for family travels in Uganda

uganda safari

ourists enjoy 4×4 Extended Safari Land cruisers for their Ugandan Safari. (PHOTO/Courtesy)

KAMPALA – Renting/hiring a car is one of the most important factors to consider when planning a family vacation, and yet, it’s often one of the last things we think about before departing for a Uganda Safari.

Finding a good deal on a car rental in Uganda is a lot like shopping for a new car—not every dealer is the same. Some have lower prices than others, and others offer different incentives to new and returning customers. The same is true for car rental services.
Rather than wait until you arrive at the Entebbe airport or anywhere in your destination, plan ahead and compare prices online. A few notable car rental companies in Uganda have online presence for your convenience.

Additionally, prominent websites compare rentals side-by-side to help you decide what’s best for your family or for long travels.

How to determine a suitable car for a Uganda Safari?

As a traveler, you have many options to help you find your perfect car Rentals such. Another option is informing travel companies about the features that you need in a car, so they can provide the best choices for you to select from. However, selecting a suitable car also goes hand in hand with your kind of budget.

A family road trip is a rite of passage. It can be a great bonding experience for making lifelong memories, but if families are cramped and uncomfortable on the long drive, the experience can be miserable.

Here is a list of vehicles for families on Ugandan Safari—large and small—with an eye to booth short and long-distance travels.

These are models that have excelled in road tests; performed well in safety crash-tests, if evaluated; and have average or better predicted reliability, according to travel experts.

The family cars in Uganda include Super Customs, Alphards, Noahs, Ipsum. These represent the different needs families have for a trip vehicle in Uganda and span a wide range of prices.

For Safari vehicles for self-drive include, Safari Vans, Safari Land cruisers, Extended land cruisers and others are recommended for a Ugandan Safari.

Experts say such cars are comfortable, quiet, ride well, and have plenty of space for people and luggage, yet attain reasonable fuel economy.

Are there any age restrictions for driving in Uganda?

Yes. In Uganda by law, persons under 18 years of age are not allowed to drive in Uganda. Meaning, companies will charge you an extra USD 30 – 50 for a driver per day but negotiable. Meanwhile, Driving in Uganda, there are also a correlation on the limits of the size of vehicle you are permitted to drive and your age.

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