Bobi Wine, Besigye slam Museveni Covid-19 response as untenable, cause of ‘all pain and suffering’

President Museveni, Bobi Wine and Dr. Kizza Besigye (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA — Bobi Wine on Saturday laid into President Museveni pandemic response, describing it as a fresh scandal to loot public resources on an industrial scale.

Bobi Wine real name is Robert Kyagulanyi said that “all pain and suffering” due to high COVID-19 infection rates  and deaths — “stem from” government poor planning and embezzlement of public resources borrowed to contain the virus.

“This is a scandal! We have had more than a year to plan and prepare for this moment,” he wrote. Gen. Museveni and his cronies chose to embezzle and steal the billions of money borrowed or donated in the name of COVID19″.

Bobi Wine , posting on social media said Museveni’s response to the second wave of the virus has been a “failure” simply because of the money which Ugandans donated and the government borrowed in the first lockdown was grossly mismanaged.

“The Auditor General’s report revealed grand corruption in the management of COVID funds. While in countries like Malawi, the President cracked the whip and sacked ministers and officials who were involved in the fraud, Museveni has reappointed or even elevated officials who have chosen to enrich themselves at the expense of the lives of Ugandans,” Bobi Wine added.

And, in a possible attempt to hit back against President Museveni’s alleged order of 42,000 hospital beds, Bobi Wine said the President was just being defensive over mismanagement of the affairs.

” So here we are! Oxygen is not enough. ICU beds are only 218 in the whole country! Ambulances are not enough”.

He added: “Those who are unlucky to get very sick are asked to pay 5 million shillings every day in a country where most citizens have no health insurance! A complete mess”.

“Faced with increasing deaths and people in critical condition, Museveni decided to impose a lockdown for 42 days! The number of extremely poor and vulnerable Ugandans has been on the increase.”

“Many Ugandans live hand to mouth. With no provision of social welfare, it is predictable what will happen. All Ugandans recall how the money meant to support vulnerable families with some food during the last lockdown was swindled and the food itself couldn’t reach most people”.

Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) President Dr. Kizza Besigye discribed President Museveni’s plan as an absolute disaster without any social walfare support for vulnerable population.

He said the President locked the country without any health care plan for managing Covid19 patients and others during the lockdown and beyond.

President Museveni on Friday announced a number of measures to control the spread of the Covid19 pandemic which has reached very worrying levels with many deaths and infections reported every day.

The President announced measures that call for a lockdown on non essential movements, essentially saying “we should painfully stay home to break the chain of spread”

Some commentators say he provided zero solution to people in the informal sector.

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