Bobi Wine dismisses disagreements in NUP

Opposition strongman Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine (PHOTO /File)

The President of the National Unity Platform-NUP Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine has described as propaganda the news that there is infighting within the party.

Kyagulanyi, the runner-up of the 2021 Presidential election says the government is the source of the propaganda which is intended to divert the public from the real issues affecting the country. A story published in the government-owned New Vision newspaper on Monday alleged that NUP has disagreements that could lead to its downfall.

But Kyagulanyi who was addressing a press conference at the party offices in Kamwokya said the government is using the state-owned media to divert the attention of the public away from the soaring fuel prices, abductions of members of the opposition, and the bad leadership in the country. He said NUP shall not be diverted by propaganda, and that they are still committed to the cause of rescuing the country from what he called NRM misrule.

Kyagulanyi further added that the regime has co-opted some members from the opposition whom they are using to fight NUP. However, he added that anyone no matter their party affiliation, whose words and actions help to speed up the downfall of President Yoweri Museveni, is their friend.  “And anybody who; no matter where they come from, no matter which religion or tribe, no matter who they are, for as long as their words and actions are helping the dictator to oppress us further, that person is an enemy to Uganda and Ugandans, remember that,” Kyagulanyi said.

He appealed to those in the opposition but aided the government to realize the impact their actions have on the struggle for change.

Speaking at the same press conference, the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Mathias Mpuuga also refuted the existence of internal fighting in NUP also calling the allegations diversionary from the challenges faced by Ugandans.  Mpuuga said that the propaganda is an attempt to scatter NUP, a young party whose heydays are clearly ahead.

For his part, the Opposition Chief Whip in Parliament and Manjiya County Member of Parliament John Baptist Nambesye said that what is happening to their party is the handwork of President Museveni who has in the past vowed to obliterate the opposition.

Although party officials have vehemently denied the existence of these ideological differences between pacifists led by Mpuuga and activists who appear to be having Kyagulanyi’s blessing, sources independently told URN in a story published yesterday that actually these differences exist and are intense.

A number of NUP MPs and party leaders told us that they believe Mpuuga is steering the house in the wrong direction by choosing to be conciliatory to the NRM other than aggressively attacking them. These MPs said this is not what their people voted them for.

“Mpuuga’s style of leadership is too gentle and that is not what we are as NUP; a party of young people. Even the people who inspire us like Julius Malema [South African opposition politician who leads the Economic Freedom Fighters] don’t handle every matter in a dialogue form. With the government we are dealing with today, we must be very aggressive because this is a government that doesn’t believe in dialogue or democracy,” an MP said.

See full statement on “renewed lies and propaganda by state apologists”

We have noted with concern the renewed effort by the regime and its proxies to put out lies and propaganda against the National Unity Platform and its leadership. Like we have consistently said, the regime uses such propaganda to discourage our people, divide us and eventually derail our cause. We ordinarily would not respond to this propaganda well knowing the intentions of those who sponsor it. However, for the sake of our people who may be misled, we shall set the record straight on some matters.

The recent lies and propaganda related to the following;

1. The agenda and outcomes of our meeting with the Members of Parliament.

Even some media houses carried falsehoods that our meeting focused on disagreements within the party! Everyone who attended that meeting knows that 90% of our focus was on how to continue and intensify the struggle against dictatorship and misrule. The other time was spent on some administrative matters, including giving accountability to the Parliamentary caucus on their contributions, agreeing on upcoming party activities, and encouraging the leaders to prioritize the question of political prisoners. The meeting was cordial with very clear outcomes! But Museveni and his proxies will always use every opportunity to project us as people who are clashing amongst ourselves because that is how the regime survives. Please watch carefully, and treat with contempt anyone who carries such lies and propaganda.

2. Regime operatives and propagandists have intensified lies relating to how NUP raises funds for its use.

. There has been deliberate misinformation that NUP received billons from IPOD and that NUP elected leaders contribute money to individual leaders within the party, etc. Nonsense! As we recently clarified, NUP only receives monthly contributions from its elected MPs and every once in a while disbursements allocated by Parliament. Since January, the Party even put a halt on public fundraising be it local or from the diaspora, except a few volunteers who have continued to support welfare and medical treatment for injured comrades. It is important to also categorically state that our President, His Excellency Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert has never charged NUP any money for using his premises for party activities. Right from the inception of the People Power Movement, he availed his property free of charge to be used for party activities. Shameless propagandists also claimed that some leaders signed MOUs with some party leaders to keep sending them money! A shameless bunch of people! The regime usually tries to sponsor such lies first and foremost to discourage the comrades who volunteer for the cause. We have been approached by leaders who tell us that the regime uses that trick in trying to compromise them. When they want to compromise leader X, they tell him that you see the top leaders are swimming in money while you are suffering. If leader X is not strong or even wise enough to read through the lies, they are able to take him. Our people must remain alert and dismiss such lies.

3. There is increased propaganda intended to divide our people into ethnic lines.

Some individuals claiming to support the struggle deliberately try to project NUP as though it’s for one ethnic group. Others have made it a point to discredit some comrades solely based on their ethnic origin. The intention is to deliberately isolate us, and cause fear amongst people from various ethnic backgrounds. This is most unfortunate. NUP is the National Unity Platform. We believe in National Unity as the first value, and we judge individuals by their ACTIONS not what language they speak. In any case, there are people who Museveni uses to oppress us from different parts of the country. Likewise, those involved in trying to liberate our nation from the mess come from different parts of the country. Museveni, the chief tribalist, and his people know how to play reverse psychology and we must never fall for that. Anybody who places ethnicity ahead of national interest is an enemy of Uganda and an enemy of the struggle against misrule.

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