Bobi Wine ends interview with Kenyan radio abruptly as military raids his home, arrests maids

Bobi Wine statement on the continuing efforts by the regime to detract us, discredit us and deter our mission to freedom

Military raids Bobi Wine home in Magere. Arrests maid (PHOTO/File)

KAMPALA — Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, popularly known as Bobi Wine, on Tuesday, January 12, prematurely ended his interview with a Kenyan radio station after the army raided his home.

Bobi Wine was being interviewed on Hot96 when he abruptly told his hosts Jeff Koinange and Professor Hammo that he had to go stating the military had stormed his compound.

He said soldiers besieged his compound and arrested everyone in their sight.

Referring to Museveni, Wine described the raid on his compound as kicks of a dying horse.

“The army has this morning raided my home, arrested all my security guards and anyone they could see around my premises. No reason for the arrest was given. Such acts of impunity are all kicks of a dying horse,” said Wine.

Before ending his interview, Bobi Wine expressed optimism he will clinch the seat, and bring to an end Museveni’s 35 years of “dictatorship and ruling using the gun”.

He, nonetheless, suggested that the head of state may not be willing to concede defeat in case he (Wine) wins.

“On whether or not Museveni will concede is not the point. What we are interested in here is for Ugandans to be given the chance to exercise their democratic right. We have live for over 35 years under dictatorship and being ruled by the gun. We are not allowed to talk and express ourselves. I expect to win with a landslide, we have an application we will use to tally our votes…I, however, have to go since even as we speak, the military is here and they are beating up my aides,” said Wine, who is the Kyadondo East MP.

The Thursday polls will be conducted against the backdrop of a chaotic campaign period that was punctuated with frequent arrests on Wine and his supporters. Several dozens of Wine’s supporters have been killed and scores injured during clashes with the police. Uganda General Elections are slated for January 14 and 11 candidates, among them one woman known as Nancy Kalembe.

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