Bobi Wine gifted brand new car, other gifts in Namisindwa, RDC impounds a bull


Bobi Wine rallied the people of Namisindwa to turn out in big numbers (PHOTO/Courtesy).

NAMISINDWA —National Unity Platform presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine has been gifted with a brand new pickup truck as he campaigned in Namisindwa District on Wednesday.

The brand new car was gifted to him by Mr. Steven Nyukuri to help the National Unity Platform President with his campaign.

Bobi Wine pulled massive crowds in Namisindwa

He was also gifted with a bull which the RDC impounded and said that since it was brought from a different district, it was likely to spread COVID 19 in Namisindwa.

In one of the photos shared by Daily Monitor, a man with physical disability was pictured with a bunch of matooke jostling through a crowd of supporters to offer to Bobi Wine in Namisindwa District on January 6, 2021.

Speaking to his supporter who turned out in big numbers, said he will improve health facilities in Namisindwa district if elected president in the January 14th polls.

Bobi Wine holds massive rally in Namisindwa

He said most of the health centers in the district are in a sorry state with others lack drugs making it difficult for residents to access efficient health services.

Kyagulanyi promised to ensure that all health centers are better equipped and well stocked with drugs once elected into power.

Bobi Wine also promised to improve on roads, which he said are in a poor state.

He asked the people of Namisindwa to come out in large numbers of January 14th, 2021 and vote for change.

“As we’re nearing the finishing line, our message is mainly calling upon Ugandans to come out massively and vote on the 14th of January and to ensure that they guard our vote. Thank you Namisindwa, freedom is in sight”.

Bobi Wine asks his supporters to turn out in big numbers on January 14

He allayed the fears of voters countrywide about the anticipated vote-rigging, saying his partners in the US and other parts of the world are watching the electoral process with keen interest.

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