Bobi Wine lawyer in talks with MTV to boycott Mama awards in Uganda over human rights violation


International lawyer Robert Amsterdam vowed to press the US government to sanction Ugandan top official (PHOTO/File)

KAMPALA —Mr. Robert Amsterdam of Amsterdam & Partners LLP who has represented Bobi Wine since August 2018 has launched a campaign, African Artists to boycott the MTV Base, the African version of the renowned MTV music channel that are set to be held in Kampala on February 20, 2021.

Lawyer Amsterdam says he has asked all his friends in South Sudan, Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania Zambia, Ghana, South Africa and Kenya to speak to MTV about the necessity of a boycott of any show in Uganda that lends legitimacy to President Museveni at this time.

Citing gross human rights violation and alleged rigging in the just concluded elections, Amsterdam said: “I am asking all my friends in South Sudan Nigeria Cameroon Tanzania Zambia Ghana South Africa and Kenya to speak to MTV about the necessity of a boycott of any show in Uganda that lends legitimacy to M7 at this time! #EndSARS #byebyebiya #Kenya #mtv #FreeBobiWineOurPresident”.

Ugandan government, through the Uganda Tourism Board and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities entered a partnership with MTV to have the awards held in Uganda to promote tourism— four years after the prestigious show went on a sabbatical.

The event is scheduled to take place on February 20, 2021 in Kampala, for the first time ever.

Mr. Robert Amsterdam recent petitioned the  USA administration asking Washington to take immediate action to cut off military support to Uganda and to denounce the crimes committed by President Museveni’s regime.

Mr. Amsterdam accuses Museveni administration of using military aid from US to terrorize civilians and suppress political dissent.

“These illegal actions fly in the face of Uganda’s constitution and its guarantees of freedom of assembly, association, peaceful demonstrations, and the right to participate in the affairs of government,” Mr. Amsterdam wrote.

Mr. Amsterdam vowed to press for sanctions from the US government against President Museveni’s government and top Ugandan officials involved in torture.

Several military officials have since been blacklisted.


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