Bobi Wine: Ffefeka Sserubugo was ‘killed’ over his stance on land grabbers

Muhammad Ffefeka Sserubugo was found hanging near his home (PHOTO/Courtesy)

KAMPALA — The National Unity Platform (PHOTO) president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has described the death of Kayunga District LC5 Chairman Mahammed Ffefeka Serubogo as “incredibly sad and shocking”.

Sserubugo who has been a member of the NUP was Wednesday morning found dead in an alleged suicide by hanging.

“This morning we woke up to incredibly sad and shocking news of the sudden death of our NUP Member and Chairman for Kayunga District Local Government, comrade Ffeffekka Serubogo Muhammad,” Mr. Wine said.

Sserubugo was found hanging on a tree near his home in Kyebanjja Kayunga Sub County in Kayunga district.

“For now we are getting mixed messages from the people on ground, with many saying he might have been murdered, and as a cover up hang on the tree!” Bobi Wine said.

He said Sserubugo has been very vocal against corruption and land grabbing in Kayunga.

Bobi Wine also called for an independent inquiry to establish the real cause of this shocking incident.

Acting District Police Commander Mukono, Hellen Kyomuhendo said Sserubugo’s body was found hanging on a tree on Wednesday morning by his relatives.

Police have currently cordoned off his home to establish the facts behind his death.

Last month, Sserubogo was sworn in as the new District Chairperson on the National Unity Platform-NUP party ticket.

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