Bobi Wine: Museveni has been a conman all his life

KAMPALA —National Unity Platform President, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has claimed that President Museveni has been a con man all his life who should be ashamed of himself.

Speaking at NTV on Monday morning, Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine accused Mr. Museveni of downplaying the atrocities he has committed by disavowing the torture, criticising the security services and all the violence he previously supported.

“Museveni has been a con man all his life. He says he doesn’t murder political opponents but he can’t tell the world who killed Andrew Lutaakome Kayiira. He should be ashamed of himself, ” Bobi Wine added in an interview.

He added: “Security operatives kill and torture people on his behalf, now he is trying to wash his hands clean but it’s too late.”

Bobi Wine said the people who have been battering Ugandans have done it on camera but no one has been reprimanded.

“He is just acting to the gallery. He is just pretending, we know he loves the violence. He knows what happens to dictators, he is seeing what could befall him and he is now trying to run away from his atrocities”.

Bobi Wine also insists that he won the 2021 general elections but he was arm twisted by the power of the gun.

“We are only arm twisted into that position but we shall use every platform to push until we are where we are supposed to be.

“Museveni is an illegitimate President. The person you are talking to is the right President of Uganda but here we are, all because of the gun,” Bobi Wine said.


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