Bobi Wine visits jailed supporters at Kitalya

Bobi Wine goes to Kitalya to check on his supporters (PHOTO/Courtesy).

KAMPALA —Bobi Wine has Thursday been at Kitalya Government prison to stand in solidarity with his supporters who have been incarcerated there for 43 days now.

Mr. Wine claimed that everybody, including their jailers know that his supporters are not prison because they committed any offence.

“Their crime is loving their country and trying to rescue it from the fangs of violent oppressors

“I looked at the thick walls of Kitalya and thought about the hundreds of NUP supporters incarcerated there for no crime whatsoever. I saw the tears of mothers, relatives and friends who came to see their people, but were kept outside”.

“Gen. Museveni can continue to sow seeds of hatred. He will surely reap its fruits a hundred fold”.

At least 49 of Mr. Wine supporters are facing charges of being in possession of ammunition before the army court.

Prosecution alleges that all the 49 suspects and others still at large on January 3, at Makerere Kavule Kigundu zone, were found in possession of four rounds of ammunition which is a monopoly of the Defense Forces. However, at the time the said offence was committed, most of the suspects were already in Kitalya and Kigo prisons where they had been remanded by Masaka Court in December last year.

Most of the suspects were part of the 100 supporters of Mr. Wine who were granted bail by Masaka Court on January 05, 2021 where they had been charged with six counts, including inciting violence and assaulting police officers on duty, among others.

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