BREAKING! Museveni removes curfew on Boda Bodas

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President Museveni has lifted night curfew on Boda Bodas (PHOTO /Courtesy).

MBALE — President Museveni has lifted a two year curfew on boda bodas starting Monday, 7, at 6pm.

Mr. Museveni made the announcement during his Tere sita address in Mbale on Sunday.

“I want to announce that starting tomorrow at 6pm, boda boda riders are opened to continue work. From tomorrow, the boda bodas can work trans night like all the others,” Museveni said, noting that he had been briefed that since he reopened the night economy, many people have been sleeping in bars because there are no boda bodas to transport them home.

He noted this will be a story of past starting tomorrow.

The President had maintained a ban on Boda Bodas not allowing them to operate beyond 7pm citing criminality.

“I know some are thieves and others murderers but we shall see how to deal with them in another way but not closing them. We are to introduce digital monitors in all motorcycles and vehicles at their cost. You have to buy the digital tracking device,” he said.

“We want to end crime using motorcycles and vehicles by introducing digital monitors so that if I am here central command knows who is here. If I try to remove it the central command will see who is trying to remove it. The issue of using vehicles to commit crime or motorcycles to cause crime and change plate numbers is finished. It will no longer happen.”

Museveni also noted that within the next six months, the process of installing spy chips in all vehicles and motorcycles will begin.

The full opening is expected to revive the economy that has contracted severely over the last two years, with taxes remaining very low.

For two years since Uganda instituted a lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19, motorcyclists known as boda bodas were banned from moving past 19hrs.

Uganda imposed the nighttime curfew in March 2020 in a bid to limit the spread of the coronavirus, which has led to about 3,500 deaths in the country.

Every night, boda bodas had to shut down at 7, and no motorcycles were allowed on the streets.

As Uganda attempts to return to normalcy, including the night life, statistics from the Ministry of Health show that as of Sunday, the country had recorded about 160,000 cases of COVID-19.

About 12,5 million people have been vaccinated, well short of the government’s target of 20 million.

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