Brixington youngsters ‘travel to Uganda’ to help child get education

Brixington Primary Acsdemy pupil Freddy, who took part in a challenge to raise funds to sponsor Ugandan child Patricia (PHOTO/ Stuart Dyer).

Children in Exmouth have been using their exercise time during lockdown to help a Ugandan youngster get access to education.

Pupils in Brixington Primary Academy took part in a virtual ‘travel to Uganda’ challenge to raise nearly £500 to help Patricia – a child in the African country – get to school.

Working with EduKid, the school is sponsoring Patricia to attend school for a year.

Brixington pupil covered the distance from their school – more than 10million metres – by running, walking, cycling pogo sticking and dribbling footballs with their families during lockdown.

Headteacher Stuart Dyer said: “We were really proud that pupils were so willing to contribute as global citizens despite the local restrictions, and that our House Captains had shown such eagerness to motivate their peers to get out and about and keep healthy during the lockdown.

“It means a lot to know that one little girl’s future will be so much brighter thanks to the efforts of our families.”

Over the last two years, Brixington have been working with the charity Edukid to help provide education to children in Uganda.

Mr Dyer said the children were ‘shocked’ to learn in an that some children, in poorer parts of the world, do not have access to free education and its countless benefits.

The House Captains met with Mr Dyer, to propose a virtual way of raising money to help Patricia. Their proposal was to ‘travel to Uganda’ – to cover the same number of metres as it is from their school to Patricia’s school.

The house captains shot motivational videos for their peers and met with representatives from Edukid to learn more about how any funds raise would be used to help Patricia attend school.

They decided that prizes would be awarded for the most metres travelled, the most original ways of travelling, and the most funds raised.

The children in school joined in as well and, in the final week of school closure, an extra challenge from the Dartmoor Sports Partnership meant that the final few thousand metres were covered and the school had made it all the way to Uganda.

Sophie Littlejohns from Edukid joined the school’s virtual celebration assembly on Friday (March 5) to thank the children and their families for all of their hard work.

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