Buganda NRM youths root for appointment of Kalule Ssengo as Minister

Gomba East MP Emmanuel Kalule Ssengo and President Museveni (PHOTO/Courtesy).

KAMPALA — Youths of the ruling political party National National Resistance Movement (NRM) in central Uganda have asked President Yoweri Museveni to consider appointing the outgoing Gomba East MP Emmanuel Kalule Ssengo as Minister in the next cabinet.

Ssengo who served for three terms as the area MP lost to National Unity Platform’s Godfrey Saazi in the recently held general elections.

At a press conference, Frank Sserubiri, the central region NRM youth coordinator said it is greater Mpigi which consists of Gomba, Mpigi and Butambala districts to as well have someone appointed as minister especially at a time like this when the party’s support in the area is dwindling.

Frank Sserubiri, the central region NRM youth coordinator (PHOTO/Courtesy).

Gomba is the birth place of former presidential candidate and NUP leader, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine. Sserubiri says to counter his growing support in the area, an experienced leader like Ssengo ought to be considered for a ministerial position.

“Considering his experience which spans from 1996 when he first contested for area MP, we look at him as the most suitable person to at least be appointed by His Excellency the President as Minister from this area. He is a unifier who should not be forgotten about,” Sserubiri notes.

He says Ssengo did not lose the MP seat because he was incompetent but due to the NUP ‘wave’ that swept a number of NRM candidates in central region.

“He won in the NRM primaries but the wave couldn’t leave him up. So, as the party strives to appeal again to the people in the central Uganda, we look at him a big factor in reclaiming the NRM support here since he enjoys a good relationship with Buganda kingdom and the catholic church,” Sserubiri says.

Gomba East MP Emmanuel Kalule Ssengo and President Museveni at Kisozi farm in Gomba (PHOTO/Courtesy)

Sserubiri described Ssengo as a peacemaker who has since joining parliament not engage in fighting or any bickering with fellow legislators or his competitors as well as not involving in any corruption related scandals.

He reiterates that there is need to have Ssengo appointed minister to console the NRM supporters in greater Mpigi.

Ssengo who is a teacher by profession has for long encouraged Ugandan farmers to engage in the commercial farming of red pepper, vanilla, beans as well seeking markets for the produce. He has also helped in the supply and distribution of animals to farmers in Gomba.

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