CASESE PROBE: Tycoon Bitature returns land he had ‘dubiously acquired’ from Uganda Railways

Tycoon Patrick Bitature has abandoned the land he dubiously acquired from Uganda Railways Corporation (PHOTO /Courtesy).

Simba Properties, a company belonging to billionaire businessman Patrick Bitature’s Simba Group has returned land it had dubiously acquired from Uganda Railways Corporation (URC).

In a statement released Sunday, November 14th by Simba Properties said that on the direction of its Chairman and founder, Patrick Bitature, decided to return the land, ostensibly in public interest.

Last week, on Thursday 11th 2021, while appearing before the Parliamentary Committee on Commissions Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) URC officials told Members of Parliament that Simba Properties was one of the companies that had been thrown off the said land for having illegally acquired it.

URC wrote to Simba Properties Group noting that the land was unlawfully parcelled out by Uganda Land Commission and taken by Mr. Bitature without consent of Uganda Railways Corporation

But Simba Group denied being thrown off the land, but rather said that in light of the claims by Uganda Railways, the company eventually agreed to give back the land to Uganda Railways Corporation.

Following the presure, Bitature has since resolved to surrender the juicy land.

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