CBS’ popular presenter, DJ Emma dies at Mengo hospital gate

Popular DJ Emma of CBS FM has died (PHOTO /Courtesy)

KAMPALA —Tributes are pouring in for an energetic radio presenter who died at the gate of Mengo Hospital few minutes after midnight.

DJ. Emma Maseege was a popular figure in music and a radio presenter at Central Broadcasting Station (CBS FM) on the popular night show, the night cruise.

He also worked as a DJ in different clubs and bars across the city.

Alongside this, Emma was most recently known for his role as a DJ and Radio presenter CBS where he promoted hundreds of local budding musicians by offering them airspace as well as playing their music.

The fallen DJ has been described by his closest friends as somebody who “loved life” and “had so much to live for”.

DJ Emma

DJ Emma was full of life while presenting (PHOTO /Courtesy)

This website understands DJ Emma has been sick for about two weeks and only returned to work on Tuesday September 7.

According to tribute messages from workmates, he returned to work in high spirit but only to die a few hours later.

“He got a little unwell in the night. Arrangements were made to take him to hospital but unfortunately died as they reached Mengo Hospital gate,” an employee at CBS FM said.

Another employee Hassan Badru Zziwa also confirmed DJ died at Mengo Hospital gate as he was being rushed for medical attention.

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