China Road and Bridge Corporation rewards best performers

The China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) has recognized its star performers of the year. This was during their end of year ceremony held in Jinja on Tuesday, 20 December 2022.

CRBC is the company which was contracted by Government of Uganda this year to rehabilitate the Mukono – Malaba railway line following years of decay, to allow for smooth movement of cargo on rail.

During recognition ceremony, the executive project manager Mr.Li commended the workers along the project area for their commendable service and dedication towards ensuring that the project is executed as planned.

“I thank you for your hard work and the zeal to learn new things in your life”, he said.

He added that the team he has on the project has done well in complementing their Chinese counterparts to achieve the desired goals of the project. “It is because of you that we have been able to achieve 90% completion rate in a short time”, he said.

He also urged the team to take whatever they have learn in railway construction and use it to improve railway infrastructure in Uganda.

“The knowledge and experience you have acquired during this project is very important. Uganda is in the process of transforming its railway transport because it is a means of transport that can transform the country. Therefore, use the knowledge to contribute to this cause” he said.

Nine local workers were recognized. All the nine were Ugandans. These included;

1. Mr. Abu Mayanja – Driver
2. Osman Chandiga – Builder
3. Bosco Mwandhuzi – Foreman
4. Peter Okobo – Foreman
5. Emily Arinaitwe – Assistant Human Resource
6. Pull Takaisa – Assistant Engineer
7. Fredrick Tabu – Foreman
8. Andrew Nkundukozera – Grader Operator
9. Muhamudhu Kalema – Driver

On why all recognized were local staff, Mr.Li said that at the time the project commenced, many of the Ugandan workers had no experience in railway construction, but the fact that they have learn how to do things and also contribute to the success of the project is one to celebrate and reward.

“It does not add value to recognize people who came for the project with all the knowledge about what to do” he said.

He thanked the Government of Uganda, Ministry of works and Transport, Uganda Railways Corporation, and the National Enterprise Corporation (NEC) for the support during the project period.

As a state-owned leading enterprise, China Road & Bridge Corporation is actively engaged in civil works, design and supervision in both domestic and international markets.

Over the past twenty years, the company has accomplished more than 40 contracts amounting to 15 billion US dollars in east Africa region. And since 1985, the Company has been enrolled in the Engineering News Record (ENR) as one of the Top 225 international contractors in the world.

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