Church of Uganda disowns ‘Chaplain’ Kasirye

Kampala – Church of Uganda has distanced itself from appointment of Erich Kasirye who is popularly referred to as the Chaplain of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).

“Chaplain” Erich Kasirye (courtesy photo)

The statement from Church of Uganda Provincial Secretariat , signed by Rev. Canon Wiliam Ogeng, the church says that it has never appointed anybody to KCCA as a Chaplain.

“As the Provincial Secretary of the Church of Uganda, I would like to make it very clear that the Church of Uganda
has never appointed a Chaplain to KCCA. Kampala Diocese has not appointed a Chaplain to KCCA. Namirembe
Diocese has not appointed a Chaplain to KCCA.”

“We don’t know any Chaplain on the staff of KCCA, and definitely don’t
know Erich Kasirye. Erich Kasirye was originally ordained in Busoga Diocese and later however, Namirembe Diocese no longer considers him to be a priest of the Diocese. We don’t have any dealing with that person. He is no longer a priest of Namirembe Diocese.” The Diocesan Secretary said.

He added that Kasirye has been for long associated with the defrocked 2nd Bishop of West Buganda Diocese, Christopher Ssenyonjo, known for his active support of LGBTQ activities. (Ssenyonjo was defrocked in 2008 for presiding at a consecration as “Bishop” of a rebel priest into a non-existent denomination.)

“Kasirye worked with Ssenyonjo in
his LGBTQ support organization because of the funding he got and, presumably, because he believed in the
LGBTQ cause.” Rev. Canon Ogeng revealed.

He further added that Erich Kasirye is not an official spokesperson for the Church of Uganda. He is not a Communications Officer for the Church of Uganda. He was never appointed a Chaplain by any Bishop or Diocese under the Church of Uganda.






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